Hello lads! Today our LoL elo boost team is here to talk about how to facilitate ganks for your jungler. It’s a common misunderstanding: especially in low elo, many players think that ganks should always be initiated by junglers alone.

I’ve seen many times during our duo queue boost sessions laners totally ignoring their friendly jungler, or “giving away” the gank changing their play style. After reading this guide, hopefully, you won’t make these mistakes but and will learn how to facilitate ganks for your jungler. It’s more about tricks and mind games than raw skill, so be sure to pay attention!

Staying in lane with low health, baiting an all in

So one of the first rules of LoL laning is not to overstay in lane. Losing some farm is way better than getting killed, and we all know that. However you can bait your enemy using this trick: as long as you don’t die, you can sacrifice a portion of your hp and start a fight with your opponent, buying time for your jungler. It’s hard to resist the temptation of a free kill, and almost always your enemy will die because of his greed.

If you overstay, the enemy will start thinking that you are an experienced player, and are underestimating his damage potential. Maybe he will think that you are getting greedy for cs, or need only 100 more gold for your first item. Maybe he will think that you mistimed his cooldowns, or that you are simply tilting. Either way, he will see an opportunity and try to exploit him: rarely he will think of a gank, at least in lower elos.

According to our LoL elo boost team, Lee Sin is the best jungler for these kinds of ganks: he can safeguard to you, use his ult to kick the enemy away from you and his Q execute to finish him off while you are safe. As long as you stay alive, getting an assist can turn the tides of a lane.

Initiating a "bad trade"

When trading, you should always consider a great number of factors, and if you follow the advice of our LoL boost team you already know them: your mana and health points, your cooldowns, the creep waves, and of course the enemies hp, mana and cooldowns. The same goes for your opponent, and he will likely back away if you start a good trade for you.

On the other hand, he may decide to go aggressive and take a risk if you start a poor trade yourself: for example, missing a big part of your combo on purpose, using an ability to get a minion or pushing the wave, or simply taking the aggro of a big minion wave. According to our elo boost team, you can use these techniques to bait your enemy into starting a trade while your jungler is coming for support!

Just remember one thing: try to always be as healthy as possible and don’t risk death just to help your jungler - it’s not worth it. Just start the trade and start backing off, let your jungler do the dirty work.

Use your crowd controls when the enemy is going for the cannon minion.

During our duo queue boost sessions I always see people getting greedy for the cannon minion. I understand it, come on, it’s almost fifty gold for a single last hit, how can you miss that? Almost any player will try to get it, even if it costs him some hp.

This really works in our favor. If your only lockdown is a skill shot, wait for the cannon wave and land it during the auto attack animation. According to our LoL boosting team, the enemy will be so focused on getting the creep that he won’t be able to dodge it, and if your jungler is there, it’s a free kill. Worst case scenario, you denied him fifty gold - and remember to write “WORTH” in all chat after that for maximum tilt.

Forcing an all in

This scenario is similar to the “poor trade”, but takes it to the next level. We are going deep this time! If you continue trading after the first seconds, the enemy will probably see an opportunity for a kill. According to our LoL boosting team, even the safest players get greedy sometimes, and there is always a chance to punish them.

If the enemy is focused on dodging your skill shots or canceling his auto-attack animations, chances are he won’t look at the map, and your jungler can easily sneak from the bushes. Of course, it’s important to set up the gank properly: try to outsmart your opponent, miss a skill shot on purpose during the fight and let him believe that he can turn the tides of the fight… until your jungler shows up to destroy him. Outplayed and outsmarted, right?

This ends our guide. If you like our content, check our site in the next few days for more guides and articles.

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