Hey everyone! Today, our LoL elo boosting team will discuss how vital Baron Nashor is to your team at any level of competition. Several objectives exist on the Summoner’s Rift, and Baron is by far the most important. A high percentage of games revolve mainly around Baron, as his buff can make or break a team of almost any composition.

The Difficulty Level in Taking Baron

Since Baron is the most powerful jungle objective in LoL, defeating him is not easy. During my LoL duo queue boost sessions, I noticed how certain team comps have great success against Baron, while others definitely struggle. Here are some tips from the lol boost team.

The Blade of the Ruined King is a key item that at least one player should possess while fighting Baron. If multiple players have this item, the monster will die extremely quickly. The speed and damage on the BotRK will shred Baron’s health, giving your team a quick advantage. The defense is just as critical when taking Baron as damage. Teams with high attack may be able to take Baron quickly but will become very weak while doing so, in terms of health, armor, and magic resist. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks and steals from the enemy team, which are quite common. Also, what’s the point in taking Baron if your team is just going to get aced immediately afterwards? I’ve seen this occur countless times during a LoL duo queue boost session.

Two AD carries will obviously help in killing Baron due to the high damage output. Make sure to check out our Lol tier list, where we go over which attack damage champions are best for your team. Teams that are too reliant on AP or stealth will not be able to take Baron efficiently. Assassins will lose health to Baron quickly, giving your team a major disadvantage in a Baron-based situation.

The Best Time to Engage Baron

Baron’s influence on the game makes figuring out when to fight him very tricky. During a duo queue elo boost, I discovered that there are two optimal times to fight Baron. The primary situation in which you should target Baron is in the midst of an ace. Instead of focusing on towers or pushing down mid-lane, your team should turn to Baron after achieving an ace. Without any chance of an enemy steal, a Baron buff is guaranteed. You will likely be able to push for a win shortly after taking Baron, so putting your objectives in the proper order will be crucial for victory.

The second situation where Baron is key, is after killing the enemy team’s strongest player. In this case, you have a 5v4 situation where the enemy team won’t feel comfortable in a fight. They may not even attempt to contest Baron and stay back in anticipation of an attack. Either way, your team has an edge and will be able to use Baron to take some towers or even ace the rest of the team. In a duo queue elo boost session, I was able to accomplish the previously mentioned scenario. My team eliminated a 20/2 Varus carry and was able to take Baron easily while avoiding a teamfight.

Wards and Making Use of Baron Buffs

While engaging Baron, be sure to keep wards around to anticipate a steal attempt by the enemy team. In our LoL tier list, we will be going over which champions are best at acing a team after Baron as well. Make sure your team is on the same page on warding, as this will keep you safe from a steal or ambush.

After obtaining the Baron buff, many teams struggle in determining the next step to take. Honestly, I found that going for Dragon with the buff is useful, while in a recent lol boost session. Dragon will provide additional buffs for your team that will be permanent, unlike Baron. Since your Baron advantage is only temporary, ensure you do something with it. Even if it’s just pushing a lane or picking off an enemy in the jungle, taking advantage of Baron will help your team achieve victory in the long-run.

Remember, Baron is the key to success. A lol boost is impossible without Baron’s tide-turning buff and game-changing damage output. Follow our tips, and you will be able to control the baddest monster on the Rift.

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