Hello lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk about how to win more games in the dynamic queue. This new system allows you to queue as 5 men premade with your friends to play ranked competitively. If you want to maximize your win rate and have fun with your friends on the Rift, follow our advice!

Preparation Before The Game

Let’s start with the preparation - yes, we start even before the champion selection! Remember that here the key is to communicate. After all, talking with your friends before and during the game is half the fun. You should always use a verbal communication software: there are a lot of free, efficient programs like Discord, Curse Voice, Raidcall and so on - just pick your favorite and join your friends. Not only speaking will hype you up, but it will give you a great advantage in-game.

You will be able to make calls instantly, cooperate smoothly, signaling MIAs, and the available summoners instantly. You can also prepare a gank before it happens, maximizing the chances of a kill. During our duo queue boost sessions, we always talk with our clients, telling them how to behave in specific scenarios during the game and when to engage. This is crucial not only for the bot lane but for the whole team.

The second step is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your friends in order to make the right call in every situation, considering the pros and cons of every play. Be realistic: if you know that a certain friend is a little hesitant with his engages, you should guide him verbally, telling him how and when to engage - according to our LoL boost team, hearing a voice is way more persuasive than reading the chatbox. Same story if another friend gets caught alone too often: you can encourage him to stay grouped with his allies, saving him from deaths.

Knowing the strong and weak sides of each teammate will give you a different vision of the game: often in the solo queue you don’t know what to expect from your allies. During our duo queue boost sessions we’ve seen many times a good gank or teleport failing because a player doesn’t pay attention to what’s happening. In a premade you will already know who on your team doesn’t look at the map very often: just tell him “Yo Mike, I’m tping bot, be ready to engage!” and it’s done. Easy, right? Well, not for Mike…

You should also consider the champion pool of your friends. If you know that your top laner is good on Renekton, try to build comps around him making him comfortable. According to our elo boost team coordination is essential: if you want to have fun and win more games, you should encourage your friends to play their favourite roles and champions. Remember that having a small champion pool consisting only of champions that you have mastered is better than being a “jack of all trades, master of none”

Now that you have built your 5vs5 team, you should probably have a dedicated shotcaller. You probably hear about shot-calling every time you watch the LCS, but what is it? In short, the shot caller tells his teammates what to do, keeping them focused on the game and making sure that all the five players are on the same page. According to our LoL boosting team, the main difference between five solo q players and a real team is having a plan and following it. Well, the shot callers create the plan and tell the other how to follow it.

Some teams prefer to have only one shot caller, others let all the members do it. Just find what works better for you. As long as everybody follows the orders of the shot caller, your team will be fine.

During The Game

Before the game starts, you should pay attention to the pick and ban phase. Some champions have a great synergy with each other, while other champions don’t really work. In a premade, you can discuss your picks with your friends instead of fighting for the mid lane spot, so take advantage of that. Build a working composition: if you want a poke comp, tell your friends to play champions with long-range abilities; if you want a typical team fight oriented comp, choose champions with AoE ultimate and hard engages.

According to our LoL elo boost team, the perfect way to start a match as a premade is to invade at level one, especially with champions with a good level 1 (namely, Braum). A successful invade will grant you, in the best-case scenario, one or two kills, or at the very least knowledge of the starting point of the enemy jungler. You will probably win the early fight since you are grouped together and prepared, so do it every single game.

During the game, always follow what your shot caller says. Try to play around objectives and don’t ignore the dragon and the Rift Herald in the early game, and the Baron after the 20 minutes mark. With good coordination, you can secure objectives easily. The best way to set up a good fight for a neutral monster is to set up vision control around the area, and communicating with your allies you can ward pretty effectively. If everyone buys a pink ward, half of the work is done.

Finally, our elo boosting team suggests to always discuss the power spikes before the game. The “power spike” is the point of the game or of the build where a certain champion is strongest - for example, Lucian has an insane level two power spike (thank you Imaqtpie for reminding it every single game), Irelia has her spike after finishing the Trinity Force and so on. Before starting the game, tell your allies when your power spike is and try to force plays when you reach it - take advantage of your strengths and you will overcome any enemy.

Like it or not, the dynamic queue has changed the ranked system, and if you want that juicy LP you should exploit the new system playing with your friends. Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a general idea of how to do it effectively. If you like our content, check our site in the next days for more articles and guides!

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