Introduction to Dragons by our League Elo Boosting team

Elemental Dragons, also known as “Drake” and not to be confused with the Canadian rapper, is the second strongest (and largest) neutral monster in the game after Baron Nashor. Dragons are one of the most important aspects of every single LoL game and a key factor in determining the winner of every game. Usually, the team with more drake buffs wins or at least has a huge advantage especially in the late game. A team consists of a jungler, who is generally responsible for the team’s dragon control.

Having a good jungler can enhance your chances of winning the game just due to their dragon control. Although it is not a complete necessity, it is still a huge advantage to the team with the buffs, advises our LoL boosting team.

Before the term “Elemental Dragons” as in Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, Ocean, and Elder Dragons, there was just “Dragon”. Though a while back, Riot has introduced to the game a more complex and interesting concept of “Elements” when it comes to Dragon.

At 2:30 in-game, one of the four of Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, or Ocean spawn into the map, with an icon on the mini-map indicating which one it is with each having a unique buff. There is also a maximum of three dragons of each type that can spawn as you can only get the buff three times. Once a dragon has been slain, the next dragon spawns in 6 minutes. In Addition to the “Element” Dragons, at minute 35 in-game “Elder Dragon” Spawns with a lot more HP than your typical Dragon, and a much stronger buff.

Cloud Drake

Cloud Drake is a dragon that when slain grants the whole team: XP and a buff that gives each champion 25/50/75 movement speed when out of combat. Cloud drake is so important and crucial to winning the game, especially when focused on objectives. Obtaining the cloud drake buff will allow your team to rotate faster, get to lane faster, get to objectives faster, spread around vision faster, position faster for a team fight, or even assist in split pushing.

Out of all the Drakes, Could Drake has the highest attack speed and movement speed deals the highest single target damage, and chases better than all the other dragons! Arguably one of the most important drakes out of all the other ones when it comes to fast-paced decision making and objective hunting, claims our LoL boost team.

Infernal Drake

Infernal Drake, the most sought out of the drakes, is a dragon that when slain grants the whole team XP and a buff that gives 8/16/24% increased attack damage and ability power. Infernal grants increased damage that isn't noticeable in the early game but becomes of huge advantage in the late game. Infernal Drake also has an AOE (Area of Effect) attack which damages everyone in an area. Infernal is the most sought out drake of all the other ones, as it gives a reasonably good advantage in 1 v 1s and in lane.

Mountain Drake

Mountain Drake is a dragon that when slain grants the whole team XP and a buff that gives each champion 10/20/30% additional damage as true damage to Epic Monsters and turrets. The buff Mountain Drake grants are extremely strong as it allows you to obtain objectives much faster including turrets, other drakes, baron, etc. In addition, adds our Elo boosting team, the buff works really well with siege comps as it helps them take down turrets faster. Mountain Drake also has low attack speed but higher damage per attack.

Ocean Drake

Ocean Drake is a dragon that when slain grants the whole team XP and a buff that restores 4/8/12% of a champion's missing health and missing mana over 5 seconds if not damaged by champions or turrets for 8 seconds. Ocean drake’s buff is great especially in the laning phase, allowing you to have better sustain and stay in lane longer or maybe heal up for an all-in. Ocean Drake’s attacks also apply a 30% slow for 2 seconds, which could be used when fighting around it to maybe engage on enemies that are slowed.

Elder Dragon

Elder Dragon is a dragon that when slain grants “Aspect of the Dragon” for 150 seconds or until death. Any buff you have gained from the elemental dragons is doubled while you have the Elder Dragon buff. In addition, you get true damage to all spells and auto attacks against non-turrets over 3 seconds. Elder Dragon is much stronger than any elemental dragon having more HP, armor, and magic resist than any other dragon, and is usually taken by most, if not the entirety, of the team, warns our Elo boost team.

Securing The Dragon

During the game, every team would need to focus on certain things to be able to kill more dragons than the enemy team. First, your team needs to have a “smite” summoner spell, which is almost always with the jungler. Smite is essential to obtaining dragons especially in the late game and especially when there is a fight on who will deal the final blow to get the buff. Mastering that final smite damage can be hard when the dragon area is crowded or when too much is going on at the same time so a jungler needs to acquire some skill for it.

Second, vision is needed in the lower river and around the dragon pit to always know if the enemy team is attempting to take dragon so your team can contest. A control ward is very helpful to grant vision and to also clear enemy vision in the area as well as killing Scuttle Crab as it also grants vision and movement speed.

Playing around Drake is a key skill that any player should learn as the monster is of huge importance if you’re looking for a win. The fact that the dragons spawn randomly makes every game a different experience buffs-wise which is fantastic. Along with that, Elder Dragon is a game-changing buff that works as another “Baron” that is of equal or greater importance depending on the situation. This introduction to the game and it’s complexity and randomness allows for an interesting game and a thrilling summoner’s rift experience!

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