Hello lads! Today our LoL elo boost team will talk again about the map awareness, giving you a few tips to avoid dying too much and to make your LoL experience better. Being able to understand what’s going on all the time on the opposite side of the map is essential if you want to climb the ladder, so follow our advice! It’s a three-step process, so bear with me.

First of all, dedicate at the very least three games only to the next two points and to improving your map awareness

Maybe it’s not really a “step”, but it’s very important nevertheless: if you really want to become better at reading the game and controlling the minimap, you need to practice. You can’t really do that in a bot game, so you will need to try it in your ranked games. It’s a necessary sin, and it will work in the long term.

According to our LoL boost team, you should try to look at the minimap every time you don’t need to be fully focused on your champion - for example when you recall, when you don’t need to last hit, and when you are not trading. It’s important to focus not simply on “not watching your champion”, but on the “looking at the minimap” part. Get on the right mindset to develop this new habit!

Our rule of thumb is to dedicate at least three games only to look at the minimap as a first priority. During our duo queue boost session we often use this method: we tell our partner to forget about everything in the game especially one single aspect, in order to train effectively. Here, we want to focus mostly on the minimap and less on our champion.

Yeah, I know, in these games you will miss a lot of cs and probably lose the lane, and that sucks. I agree, but as I said, it will be worth in the long term, because even if you lose some LPs you will be able to earn many more thanks to your improved map awareness. Here you don’t want easy wins, you just want to LEARN. It’s just like going to college: you will spend a lot of time studying, but you will get a lot of benefits in the long run. So stop playing League and get that paper done!

Step Two: in these three or more games, after every minion wave, focus the camera on each of your allies, for the whole game

This step is mostly useful for laners, since junglers don’t really need to focus on their mechanics. I mean, you will kill that wolf even without looking at it, so you are free to look elsewhere (or to play Overwatch, Hearthstone or whatever) while clearing the jungle. For laners, follow our rule of thumb: after each wave, look at each of your ally moving the camera or pressing F1-F5.

According to our LoL elo boost team, you should watch your allies for or two seconds, switch to another teammate, and finally focus back to yourself pressing the spacebar. You will be able to have a better understanding of the flow of the game, make play with global abilities or teleport and see who needs to be helped. Pressing the O or the TAB button is also great to keep track of the scoreboards, the creep score differential, and the KDA of each lane.

Remember the first point: you need to do this for three games, even if you are taking some damage or missing a few creeps. You are developing a habit, and it will be worth it since it will become automatic soon or later. At this point, you can simply follow your teammates on the map without switching the camera. At the same time, you should keep track of your enemies, especially the jungler. During our duo queue boost sessions, we always say to our clients to remember the last seen position of the enemy jungler, in order to get more information and avoid unnecessary deaths from ganks. Keep repeating this point until you will be looking at the minimap automatically, getting information instantly.

Third and final step: play Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is pretty strong in this meta, and he is the best mid laner in LoL when it comes to roaming. Playing him will force you to learn how to roam, and indirectly how to watch the map to catch enemies out of position.. just like playing Ryze will teach you how to smash your keyboard.

According to our elo boost team, if you are not a mid laner, you can play any other champion with global abilities or who excels at roaming - for example, Shen and Pantheon, or our loved frog, Tahm Kench. Simply playing a champion with global abilities will force you to increase your map awareness, since controlling the map is necessary to play these heroes at their full potential, or just to feel the satisfaction of pressing R and turning a gank outplaying your enemies.

As a final note from our elo boosting team, watching often the map is necessary but not sufficient to increase your map awareness, as you need to process information and knowledge quickly, almost unconsciously, and translate that information into in-game actions. Easier done than said, actually, since it will become an unconscious habit with a little practice.

Whenever you are not trading or cs’ing, look at the map, and you will receive a useful flow of information. Make good use of it and win more games! I really hope that this article helped you. Follow our steps and share the results with us - but I’m sure that you will come here to thank our LoL boosting team! If you like our content, check our site in the next days for more guides and articles.

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