Hey everyone! Our LoL boosting team has gathered a bunch of info for you and used it to create a shorter, yet full of info post that's easy to read and find out everything you need to know about League of Legends' Season 9, including their dates! So without further ado, lets dig in...

When Does LoL Season 9 Start?

League of Legends' Season 9 starts on 23rd January, 2019.

When Does LoL Season 9 End?

League of Legend's Season 9 ends on November 19th, 2019.

Season 9 Rewards


- Bronze Summoner Icon
- Bronze Profile Insignia
- Honor Ward Skin


- Silver Summoner Icon
- Silver Profile Insignia
- Silver Loading Screen Border
- Victorious Ward Skin (2x Queues)
- Honor Ward Skin


- Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Master Summoner Icon
- Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Master Profile Insignia
- Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Master Loading Screen Border
- Victorious Ward Skin (2x Queues)
- Victorious Aatrox Skin (Chroma Per Queue)
- Honor Ward Skin


- Challenger Summoner Icon
- Challenger Profile Insignia
- Challenger Loading Screen Border
- Victorious Ward Skin (2x Queues)
- Victorious Champion Skin (Chroma Per Queue)
- Challenger Backpack Reward
- Challenger Recall Season Reward
- Honor Ward Skin

Can You Boost My Rank In Season 9?

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Good luck and see you in Season 10!

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