As you all know, the pre-season brings many changes, including a new mastery tree: and as you have noticed, now masteries aren’t as straightforward as they used to be. For this reason, the first thing that our boosters fix during the LoL Duo Queue Boosting service is masteries: we decided to bring you four essential mastery pages for supports to help you climb the ladder.

“Standard” Mastery Page

This is the most common mastery page: we recommend it if you aren’t an expert with champions like Blitzcrank or Bard. We picked the “Bond of Stone” keystone mastery, which reduces all damage taken by 4%, and by 8% the damage your nearest ally would get. This keystone mastery is great for the laning phase, as it allows your ADC to farm easily without the fear of getting poked down, and the damage reduction has a good scaling into the mid-late game as well.

So after the 18 points in Resolve to get Bond of Stone, we put 12 points into Cunning to get Bandit and increase our gold income. Our LoL Elo Boost Team recommends this page for tanky support, to take advantage of Bond of Stone and the increased health regeneration from the Resolve tree. However we feel like this is a “jack of all trades, master of none” page: if you want more effective pages for specific play styles, go ahead.

Utility Support

If you prefer playing squishier supports with a lot of utility like Janna, Lulu, Nami and Soraka, we recommend this other page with the Windspeaker’s Blessing keystone mastery. This incredibly useful talent will make your heals and shields 10% stronger, and will make them increase your allies’ resistance by 15% for 3 seconds.

This means that we have to get 18 points in Cunning; the remaining 12 are placed in Resolve.

This mastery page focuses on giving extra sustain to the ADC during the laning phase and throughout the game: it’s incredibly effective vs poke lane or if you are supporting an ADC with a weak early game since it allows him to survive, farm safely, and scale-up. According to our LoL Boost Team, these new masteries make Soraka incredibly overpowered, thanks to the extra heals, the increased resistance, and the changes to Grievous Wounds. If you want to climb the ladder, learn how to play our favorite unicorn.

AP Poke Supports

If you enjoy playing more offensive or off-meta supports, this is the page for you - right now, our Elo Boost Team recommends this page for Morgana, Zyra, Kennen, Zilean, Annie and Karma. With these pages we take advantage of the Ferocity tree, picking 12 points in that to reach Oppressor, that increases the damage done to enemy affected by CCs, and many other masteries that increase your AD, AP and damage in general.

However, we don’t go deep into that tree but put 18 points into Cunning to get the Thunderlord’s Decree keystone mastery. This mastery will empower your third attack or spell against enemies dealing 10 damage per level, scaling with your bonus AD and total AP. The damage is quite relevant in the early game but scales nicely in the mid-game if you decide to get some extra AP (for example if you buy Zhonya’s on Kennen and Morgana for those flash Ulti engages). If you are really ahead and decide to buy a Mejai’s, you will notice an incredible increase in damage.

Keep in mind that you will need perfect positioning to poke the enemies in the laning phase: if you want to learn how to zone properly, check out our LoL Boost Team guide on zoning. If you want to maximize your damage sacrificing some utility, our Elo Boost Team recommends a more aggressive page that picks 18 points into Ferocity to reach the Deathfire Touch keystone mastery. This mastery will apply a DoT to enemy champions hit by your abilities scaling with your bonus AD and total AP. Take my word and try to play support Brand with these masteries - you won’t regret it.

The Deathfire Touch damage over time has incredible synergy with Brand’s passive and you will see your damage skyrocket, even if you are playing as support. Keep in mind that the DoT will cause towers to attack you! Be sure to pick the extra Magic Penetration as well from the Ferocity Tree and put the remaining 12 points in Cunning.

Tanky Supports

Lastly, we have a page for tanky support that need to engage. If you enjoy playing Braum, Alistar, Leona, Tahm Kench or the outrageous Taric, this is the page for you. In this page, our LoL Elo Boost Team picks the Bond of Stone keystone mastery, just like for the standard support page in order to increase our survivability in the lane, but there are some small tweaks in the remaining choices, increasing our tankiness, mana, and movement speed. Remember that you aren’t really a tank, so be careful with your hard engages... unless if you are playing as Alistar. If you are using my loved Minotaur, go ahead and tower dive your enemies as soon as you get lv6 and unlock your ultimate.

If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check our site in the next days for more informative content.

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