When Does HotS Storm League, Preseason Start?

First Storm League season, the preseason, started on March 26th, 2019. The exact date may slightly vary due to your region.

When Does HotS Storm League, Preseason End?

Storm League preseason ends on the week of June 18th, 2019. The exact date may slightly vary due to your region. UPDATE: On 14th June. Blizzard has announced they have big upcoming changes for Storm League and therefore need more time, they're extending the end date to around August 2nd, 2019. UPDATE #2: The preseason officially ends on the week of August 5th, 2019.

Storm League, Preseason Changes

- Hero League and Team League have been merged into one queue, Storm League.

- You need 16 heroes (don't have to be level 5 anymore) and account level 50 or more to enter Storm League.

- You can now preselect your preferred role before queueing up.

- Your Storm League MMR is taken from Hero League or Team League, depending which one was higher.

- You cannot queue up in a party if the difference in tiers between party members is more than 2 tiers. (Example: Plat can queue with Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver)

- An exception is a full stack of 5, where the person that is outside the two tiers range won't be

counted towards the total MMR of the team. Same goes for unplaced players, they will not be counted towards the total MMR of the team.

Storm League, Preseason Rewards

Will be updated as soon as Blizzard releases the info.

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