When Does HotS 2020 Season 3 Start?

Heroes of the Storm 2020 Season 3 started on June 23rd, 2020.

When Does HotS 2020 Season 3 End?

Heroes of the Storm 2020 Season 3 ends on the week of September 7th, 2020. However, Blizzard is known for changing dates often so take this with a grain of salt.

HotS 2020 Season 3 Changes

- A new Nexus Anomaly: Throughout the game, there will be periodical weather effects that grant different buffs to all heroes.

- Rainstorm weather effect grants movement speed and a lightning shield that deals damage every 25-40 seconds

- Snow Flurries weather effects accumulate a shield on all heroes when out of combat or until it stops snowing

- Foggy Mists grants stealth to any hero that stands in the bush for longer than 1.5 secs and it lasts for 40 seconds or until you enter combat/use an ability.

- New hero: Mei

Storm League changes and rewards

- All end of season rewards have been reworked, you now get a chest after 5 wins, rare chest after 15 wins and epic chest at 30 wins

- You will also get a Regal Tiger mount after 50 wins immediately (not on season end anymore)

Final words

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