When Does HotS 2019 Season 3 Start?

2019 Season 3 starts on the week of August 5th, 2019.

When Does HotS 2019 Season 3 End?

2019 Season 3 ends on the week of December 2nd, 2019.

2019 Season 3 Changes

- Your rank (Tier and divisions) will now be currently influenced by your MMR and adjusted by penalties such as leaver penalty. This will result in more volatility when it comes to points lost/gained.

- You now only require 3 placement games to be placed.

- Promotion and demotion games are removed.

- Leaving a ranked draft or game results in -500 points.

Ranked Decay

- Diamond, Master, and GM players can now decay, including unplaced players with Diamond or higher MMR

- Inactivity timer starts at 10 days, playing games you can stack it up to 30 days. Not respecting the decay timer will result in your account slowly dropping to Diamond and it stops when you drop to Platinum 1, this includes unplaced accounts and their MMR.

- 1 Ranked game extends your timer by 3 days

Ranked Seasonal Questline

- 4 quests per season, each requiring you to win Storm League games

- Each completed quest increases your gold rewards at the end of season

- You must complete all quests to be eligible for end of season rewards

Storm League, Preseason Rewards

It will be updated as soon as Blizzard releases the info.

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