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Zul’jin – Quick Guide (Build, Counters, Tips & More)

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  • 23/12/2016

hots zul'jin guide


Zul’jin is a Hero that our Heroes of the Storm boosting team has predicted would join the Nexus. He’s an assasin with a pretty straightforward concept and Tryndamere-like heroic. In short, he tanks and spanks people and has an “Unkillable” heroic. How will he rank on our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, click and see. Zul’jin’s release date is on January 5th, 2017.

Pros & Cons

– Decent laning
– Great self sustain
– Great damage on low health

– No crowd control
– Tricky to maximize performance
– Can be kited

Zul’jin Build

hots zul'jin build

Zul’jin Counters

– Lunara
– Thrall
– The Butcher
– Illidan
– Varian
– Samuro

Zul’jin Tips

– You can keep your trait perma activated as it will only eat your hp when actually basic attacking.

– Don’t use the trait when laning unless you quickly need to push a lane before an objective.

– Careful with your mana, dont overuse E.

– Try to lane using only basics, don’t waste mana.

– If you use E and get interrupted or move, it will use the cooldown and break.

– Your trait cannot kill you, you will stay perma 1 health but will not get the bonus.

– Try to pair with Auriel, Malf or Morales to be your healbot while you ravage.

– Grievous blade hits 2 targets, when you’re jungling, make sure to use it on two mobs.

– Zul’jin is great for maps like BoE and wherever you need to single target burst something.

Thank you for reading our guide. Let us know if you disagree with anything or an update is needed! :)

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