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Warhead Junction Guide | Tips & Tricks

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  • 24/09/2016

hots warhead junction tips

Hey lads. Our Heroes of the Storm boosting team will talk about the HotS Warhead Junction map, you’ll see some general info on how the map works but also some great tips that can help you draft better and maximize your winrate on this HotS map. A complete Warhead Junction guide to be precise. Let’s dig in!

What’s a Warhead Junction anyway?

Warhead Junction is a map from the Starcraft franchise. Once a testing facility for nuclear weapons, Warhead Junction has since fallen into ruin. However, the site’s abandonment hasn’t stopped its glitchy adjutant from continuing to produce and hand out nuclear weapons. Join the arms race of Warhead Junction, build up your stockpile, and rain hell on your enemies!

About Warhead Junction

– 3 Lane map
– 2 Easy camps
– 2 Hard camps
– 2 Bosses
– Up to 4 Objective points

warhead junction map


This is a pretty big map, heroes with global presence will always be amazing for their ability to soak a lane, and join a fight whenever an objective pops ups. Zagara with Nydus, Brightwing ,Falstad and Dehaka are extremely potent on these maps.

Winning fights will result in extreme levels on pushing on this map, and losing your nukes on death is pretty unforgiving. Double tank compositions thrive excellently for their ability to drag out a fight. So strong team fighting and global map presence makes Dehaka one of the best heroes to pick up on this map.

On the other hand heroes that excel at split pushing or heroes that are slow at rotating, are probably not the best heroes on this map. Having a jungler is also a great idea, since a camp can put up a lot of pressure when you are fighting for the spawned warheads. Heroes like Sonya and Zagara excel at this.

To summarize, a team comp made of a heroes that can apply global pressure, have strong engages and disengages excel at this map. So be on time for the nukes, try to pick off enemy heroes that carry nukes, and focus on pushing lanes hard.

Warhead Junction Tips

– The warning for the first nuke comes at 1:40, and 2 nukes will spawn 20 seconds later. Up to 4 nukes can spawn.
– Be sure to gather up on bushes at the points where nukes spawn to pick off any wandering enemies.
– Make sure to ban out Global Presence heroes if your team does not like playing them, since having one of those heroes is a huge advantage.
– Period between nukes spawning is approximately 2:45-3 minutes.
– Nuke’s center of the AoE radius deals more damage than outer edges.
– If you get 2 nukes at the start, try to nuke 2 lanes so you can destroy atleast 2 fountains with it.

Who To Pick?

– Zagara
– Falstad
– The Lost Vikings
– Abathur
– Dehaka
– Brightwing

Closing Words

I hope you enjoyed reading our Warhead Junction guide, make sure to also check our Zarya Guide. For the best heroes to pick on every map, visit our regularly updated Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

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  • David Turner says:

    This is one of a few maps that kills me off fast and repeatedly in A.I. Like everyone else need to pull them away 1 by 1 when it’s a fight against all 5. I rarely get a merc before the nuke is released and even when I do get them the enemy seems to ignore them and still use all 5 heroes to keep the nuke. What can be done to either keep them distracted with mercs or tips on how to lure away and fight all 5?

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