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Understanding Kharazim – 11 Pro Tips

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  • 21/08/2015

HotS Placement Matches

Now that we got a good grip on Kharazim, let’s see how you could deal with him when he’s on your or on enemy team. Get tips from our HotS boost employees who used Kharazim to finish some of the Heroes of the Storm Placement Matches last few days.

Tips that will help you with Kharazim playing in your team
– Kharazim does not need to use all his jumps in a single fight, many Kharazims will spare atleast one for the disengage so try to stay in his range for him to jump on you and disengage.

– His auto attack healing range is about the same range as his W, therefore if you aren’t close enough to get healing from his W, you’re not close enough to get healing from his auto attacks either. Good thing is that there is an indicator that will pop up under an allied champ to show who will receive his healing, use this to stay in range.

Global Tips & Tricks
– Kharazim’s Q is useful to bait out juking CC since it makes you sort of unstoppable, you can use it to bait enemies to use CC and then trade or whatever you want to do.

– He is very reliant on attack speed, do not tank forts/keeps with him because they reduce the attack speed. Avoid Muradin if he talents the level 1 attack speed slow, avoid tanks with Imposing Presence and so on.

– Kael’Thas counters him in a way that he bombs you and you do not want to bomb other people while staying close to them trying to heal them. Basically he is countered by all AoE spreaders like Zagara, Sylvanas who profit from you stacking up on people.

– He goes well with Buthcer, Illidan, Tyrael and other heroes that like to dive into the enemy team.

– If people Blind you (Johanna, Li-Li) you do not heal! Same goes for stunned, or silenced prevents you to use your abilities on time.

– He’s a good jungler, he can deal with camps easily and even steal if you play him well.

– You cannot jump to buildings, you can jump to minions.

HotS Kharazim
– Kharazim’s Q does not place you behind or infront of the target, it positions you on the side which you came from. So if your goal is to bodyblock a certain target, try jumping on a target infront of your primary target and then bodyblock properly, because Q’ing to your primary target won’t bodyblock him well.

– For instance if Nazeebo puts up a Zombie Wall and you jump to someone inside, the wall will block you and you will be left outside the wall!

– When playing him as a healer, best way to win is to make them think they are winning against you, while you preserve some burst healing for the end of the fight. When you’re mid fight, start trading with your E, then after they have committed to fighting with you, use your W heals after, and ult when needed, also save the Protective Shields as long as you can, people forget about it often. You can also use this tactic to stall while your teammates are coming to help.

– One cool way of using your Divine Palm is actually using it on yourself and then diving deep into the fight to take some damage off their target, then you will „die“ but you won’t actually die ofcourse. This is a higher risk play than just using it on their primary focus but this way you’re atleast sure that Divine Palm will go off as planned. I’d like to mention that one of our HotS boosters did 16-4 Placement Matches last night with Kharazim.

Thank you for reading.
Credits: BlueNoseReindeer

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