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It’s A Trap! Top 5 Talents To Avoid

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  • 12/04/2016

hots trap talents

Hello there! Today our HotS boost team will talk about talents, showing you ten talents to avoid at all cost. Many heroes are highly rated on our HotS tier list because of their versatility, since they can be built in different ways thanks to having a lot of viable talents, but on the other hand, some talents are “noob trap” and are only viable in rare cases when experts play them. After reading our article, you will know what to avoid. Meanwhile, check our brand new Heroes of the Storm Account Shop.

Nova – Triple Tap

More like Tripe TRAP, am I right? Well, puns aside, this heroic isn’t awful, but is simply not as good as the alternative, Precision Strike – we are talking about a 3,2% difference in win rate.
Sure, being the target of Triple Tap is scary – during our duo queue boost we often see players running in terror, trying to find a wall or even an ally to block this spell, and it feels good for Nova players because come on, you pick Nova to scare your opponents to death after all.
But believe us, having a global AoE damage spell with such a short cooldown is even more scarier. With Precision Strike you will be able to secure more kills and help your team turtling, and increase your overall win rate.

nova triple tap talent

Stitches – Gorge

Let’s be honest – this talent can bring a lot of funny scenarios, so it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. I mean, it’s a pretty telegraphed ability, but it has absolutely hilarious effects. Whenever is useful, everybody can recognize its value, but when it misses…
For these reasons many players can’t understand that Putrid Bile is a boring but reliable alternative, with a 49,4% win rate against the 41,6% of Gorge – almost an eight per cent difference. That’s a lot, believe me.
Putrid Bile is more versatile, since it can be used defensively and aggressively, a shorter cd and it’s a great zoning tool. In shorter words, according to our Heroes of the Storm boost team it’s more consistent compared to Gorge. This being said, if you play Stitches just for the fun of it, go ahead and pick Gorge. But if you want to win, Putrid Bile is the smarter choice.

Kerrigan – Lingering Essence

Many Kerrigan players think that Lingering Essence is the best talent, but actually the other options are way better. Just look at the win rates. It’s simply the worst option.
The true problem is that it doesn’t really offer anything exceptional. Having a longer shield duration won’t give you any advantage, since in a teamfight the shield will be instantly removed anyway. In small skirmishes, the fight itself will finish before the duration expires.
Long story short, pick Eviscerate or Double Strike. During our duo queue boost sessions, we always recommend to choose these talents, since they allow you to deal more damage and buff your shields, increasing your overall win rate significantly.

Leoric – Willing Vessel

This one is the worst. Leoric is a decent champion according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list, but choosing this talent blocks a big portion of his power.
It’s easy to understand why many inexperienced players decide to pick it: the description mentions a 25% heal from Drain Hope. 25%! Crazy, right? Actually the heal is nice, but there is a little detail to mention: without the talent, Drain Hope still heals for 20% of the damage done. Willing Vessel increase the heal of a sad 5%, almost nothing.
Let’s look at the alternatives: Fealty Unto Death and Hardened Bones. They both have an higher win rate, and it’s easy to see the reasons: Fealty Unto Death gives you mana and an higher heal with just one wave. Hardened Bones offers a 25% damage reduction, resulting in a great boost to your effective health. I’ve seen a lot of crazy escapes thanks to this talent, while the 5% healing increase never saved anyone.
They are both more consistent and offer an higher utility than Willing Vessel, so don’t bother with it but go for Fealty Unto Death or Hardened Bones. You won’t regret it.

hots trap talents

Sylvanas – Deafening Blast

Sylvanas is an amazing champion with unique strengths, and her kit makes her a good champion according to our HotS tier list. However, this talent doesn’t really make her shine.
Okay, I get it, talents that buff the heroics are cool, and their impact is evident, but this doesn’t mean that they are better than the other options – actually, Deafening Blast has the lowest win rate between the same tier talents. Even Wailing Arrow has a better win rate, despite being pretty situational, since it requires a good setup to shine.
Usually you want to pick either Bolt of the Storm or Fury of the Storm. These talents are pretty underrated but offer a solid and consistent utility, resulting in an higher win rate. Always choose consistency, kids.

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