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Top Mistakes New Players Make

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  • 27/07/2015


After HotS was released as a free to play game, with no codes required to access it, player base has been growing with each day, which means we’re getting a whole bunch of new players who often fail to realise they’re doing the mistakes I’m about to write about. I’m sure many of these sound familiar, make sure to work on it after you’re done.


I bet you’ve heard this atleast once, TODAY. Yes buddy, we all tend to get shit teams now and then, but the difference that separates a pro player and a HotS boost employee in this case is that we still learn from lost games, stop caring about how your team is doing, look at your own game, your own mistakes and learn from them, I don’t need to say that if you do that, you will get better and slowly increase your win percentage by atleast 1%, then 2% and so on. This is just pure maths and statistics. Remember, you’ll never win all games, if you have 52% win rate, that’s fine! That’s how the game is built, and the better you get you will go up to 60-70-80% like our HotS boosters. So stop blaming your team and learn.


draft pick

HotS boost employee rulebook.

#1 – Pick the heroes you play well, I can’t stress this enough, I don’t care about will Malfurion do better versus this composition than the Uther you just had picked if you can’t play him! You will make a much more meaningful impact with a Hero you’re good with than the one that fits the composition more.

#2 – Pick the heroes that you play well, and try to make those to be the ones with the highest win rate, I repeat, #1 is the most important, strive to have #2 checked too. How will you know the Hero winrates? Simple, visit Hotslogs.com, there it is, all winrates and info you’ll need in 99% of cases. Us HotS boost providers also tend to go with this logic, combine skills + decent hero strength = max win rate. Simple.

#3 – Learn to build your Hero. For this you will use our blog to find HotS guides, you will Google more guides (always tend to use the ones that are high rated! Not everyone can make a guide) and the simplest yet effective way to quickly find out good builds is again, checking Hotslogs and pressing the desired hero from the list, then scroll down and you will find the most popular builds, their win rate and so on. Ofcourse this is only for begginners because you cannot just follow a template build the whole time, you will need to adjust accordingly, for instance picking Block versus teams with no autoattackers is just ridiculous, even tho it’s a most popular build.



I believe Kael’Thas post level 16 is the synonym for this. There are team compositions that are good early and those that are good late, if you for instance play an early game composition and you have a decent lead, try to end the game as soon as possible as in HotS comebacks are more often than in LoL or DotA. After you’ve wiped their team, especially on level 20, do not try to clear all the lanes, keeps and so on, I’ve lost so many games while I was performing HotS boost services for my clients because the lower MMR players just wouldn’t finish a game, and even when they followed my call to strike the core instead of going for pointless objectives, they often hesitated, resulting in a sloppy attempt and eventually losing the game and basically prolonging the rank boost unnecessarily.

Thank you for reading everyone, hope you learned something. :)

Here’s a ridiculous vid for luls, holy moly.


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