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Tips To Become a Better Valla – The Demon Hunter

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  • 19/04/2017

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Introduction by our Heroes of the Storm Boosting Team

Valla, the Demon Hunter, is a complete Hero that if mastered, any HotS player would know learn the fundamentals of the game as well as the fundamentals of team fighting. The skills required to play Valla are complete and basic, which allows for quick learning and, later on, mastering of in-game skills.

Playing Valla requires positioning and stutter stepping skills (basic), ability management (cooldowns), careful mana management as well as timing. Over time, a Valla player can master basic hero skills that will easily transfer to any other hero played.

Valla’s Kit allows for easy gameplay and quick learning as well. Most of her damage is basic attack reliant and here skill shots are very easy to aim including her “Hungering Arrow” (Q) and her “Multishot” (W) which are both a straight line and a cone respectively.

Valla always remains relevant and strong and definitely has her strengths and weaknesses. Her dynamic kit allows for great team fights with her engage/escapes as well as her damage burst. Overall a great hero if played well especially in team fights and when dueling another hero. (1 v 1).

Our HotS boosting team regularly uses Valla for completing boosts and winning a high percentage of placement games.

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Valla is considered a relatively squishy hero, with a starting HP of 1324 (subject to change). As an assassin, this is understandable and allows for any Valla player to properly learn/master the skill of proper positioning to not get caught out and die nearly instantly. Once a Valla player is caught out it is very easy to burst their health all the way down to zero. Mastering positioning, escape mechanisms, and engage/disengage is a necessity for Valla players as these skills are forced through her kit to allow the Valla player to play well and to also stay alive.

In addition to her low starting and overall health, Valla has a relatively large mana cost for her abilities. Her abilities are extremely strong and provide for a very strong 1 v 1 and team fight, which means they need to be balanced in some way, hence the high mana cost. The high cost of mana means that a Valla player that constantly throws out their abilities may face difficulties and get stuck in a position where they either cannot escape with their E, or burst out enough damage to secure a kill.

This disadvantage forcefully teaches Valla players to learn to manage their mana effectively as well as their cooldowns. A Valla player must plan his/her abilities out first before throwing any of them out, possibly saving “Vault” (E) for an escape opportunity. It is always important to save enough mana for “Vault” when needed, especially with Valla’s low HP and also during an intense team fight, advises our HotS boost team.

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Valla’s Strengths

Valla’s skill shots are easy to land, which makes her abilities a huge strength as not only are they easy to land, but they also burst out a ton of damage. A Valla player will learn through her skill shots the basics of landing them, as well as being careful when to use them.

In addition, Valla requires players to learn some other basic skills, such as stutter stepping. Stutter stepping is by far one of the most important skills in the game, especially for basic attack reliant heroes. Valla’s Damage is largely based on her basic attacks which make her kit very stutter stepping reliant.

In team fights, Valla players will need to stutter step to stay moving and stay relevant. Not only will learning stutter stepping allow for a better performance as Valla but will also benefit you when playing a lot of other heroes.

All the skills a Valla player can acquire playing her will transfer to any hero they play, which is a huge contributor to the importance of actually getting a grip on playing Valla. Valla gives allows for any player to learn skills that are picked up through playing different heroes, in one hero. She is also overall fun, interesting, basic, and a very good way to get better at the game. Learn away, master the hero, and master the fundamental skills and you’ll be learning the game and climbing in no time! Anyone below Diamond should master Valla and get this huge advantage to help them proceed in the ranks and perform better in games!

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