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Cal (Rank Boost | Rank Platinum 5 to Platinum 3) on 22/04/2017
Team League boost played duo que with Kai. He first picked Valla every game and easily carried without regard for counter picks. Went 9-1. The one we lost was cause I sucked. Even still he was super professional, didn't complain, just got the job done.
Anonymous (Placement Boost | 10 Games) on 22/03/2017
Friendly and fast like always. Got 8/2 as promised.
Danbrown (Placement Boost | 10 Games) on 17/03/2017
Good Job THX
Connery (Rank Boost | Rank Diamond 5 to Grandmaster) on 11/02/2017
Had no issues whatsoever, 2 boosters + me and we got GM, it wasn't easy but we made it. :)
GG (Rank Boost | Rank Diamond 3 to Master) on 11/02/2017
Completed in 2 days, buying more
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