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Picks That Dominate Hero League Right Now – Part 2

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  • 10/11/2015

HOTS picks that dominate hero league
In case you missed Part 1.
Our boosters told us that the most asked question during their HotS Duo Queue boost sessions is what is the best hero to play to dominate the Hero League. Our team knows why it’s important to pick the right hero: choosing the best hero can make winning games and climbing the ladder way easier, and give you an advantage before the game even starts!
For these reasons, our Heroes of the Storm boost team wrote a guide about the best heroes to play to “carry” your team mates. Despite not being like the usual HotS tier list, this article will cover the best heroes to play to dominate the hero league. This is the second part of our previous post: be sure to check the our site for the first part and for informations about the next HotS hero: if you missed it.


Our Heroes of the Storm boost team really likes Zagara for her great laning phase: she is the best lane bully in the game right now, because of how much control “Hunter Killer” gives her. Thanks to her Creep Tumor she will also increase the vision control for her team giving a great advantage in rotations, ganks and map pressure.
Unlike many other heroes, she does not have a “strong point” in the game but is very threatening both in the early and in the mid-late game. Her Hunter Killer deals an absurd amount of damage and she has a ridiculous poke with the Envenomed Spines talent, that makes her basic attacks really scary
As we said she is always strong, but her main strength is in the Devouring Maw heroic. Just like Void Prison, this ability can totally cut out of a fight many enemies, giving an incredible advantage to her team, and it even does decent damage to them! As long as her team is able to seize the opportunity and burst the remaining enemies, this heroic alone can win a team fight.
Zagara hots

The Lost Vikings

Maybe a lot of people will be surprised to see The Lost Vikings on this Heroes of the Storm tier list, but according to us they are very underrated: they can provide an insane pressure just by soaking experience in a lane while your other team members roam around the map.
If your team can dance properly around an objective, you will get so much experience and levels that your team may even win a 4vs5. They are also great in skirmishes thanks to Play Again!, that allows to resurrect instantly your Vikings.
hots the lost vikings


After many buffs, Tassadar is again really really strong and popular. According to our HotS boost team, what made him viable again is the change to his Plasma Shields: thanks to the insanely low cool down, Tassadar can shield whoever is in danger, and thanks to his tankiness he can survive in long fights while assisting his team.
He offers good utility thanks to the Oracle trait, that reveals invisible enemies and provides vision of an area close to Tassadar, making it a great vision tools to spot ganks and flanks. He can also take Mule to increase the chances of coming back when behind; however take MULE on Sky Temple, Haunted Mines. He can still do decent damage with Archon, despite the nerfs, and Force Wall gives great zone control during team fights.
Tassadar hots


Our favourite paladin has always been one of the most played hero since his release and has always dominated the Heroes of the Storm tier list, mainly because he can be great in any team comp, making him a good heroes for beginners but also for experienced players.
His Holy Light is a great single target heal that allows him to survive an insane amount of damage, making him pretty tanky for an healer. He has a great Crowd Control thanks to his Hammer of Justice as well.
However his best ability is Divine Shield, that can neutralize burst damage, protect channeled abilities and assist assassins during their dives in the back line. Shrink Ray is also a great tool to absorb damage for the team, while also being a decent tool to get kills.
Benediction allows Uther to either cast Holy Light more quickly for more heals or Hammer of Justice twice for more ccs, depending on your team’s needs. Thanks to Eternal Devotion Uther can also keep healing his team mates when he is dead, and on top that, he gets a revive at lvl20 with Redemption, allowing him to make a great combo: he can save an ally, sacrifice his life and revive like a true paladin.
uther hots


Johanna is a great hero for both Solo Q and Duo Q thanks to her peeling abilities: she can effectively keep the back line safe. Chaining Condemn and Punish can keep away the enemy heroes from your squishies, and Shield Glare is an extra tool to increase the survivability of your allies. Despite the nerfs, Blessed Shield is still a great heroic to interrupt channeled abilities or keeping the enemies perma stunned.
We really recommend playing Johanna during our HotS Duo Queue post game tips because she is basically a “pocket pick”, easy to play, with natural tankiness, great ccs and can fit into many team compositions. If you have trouble choosing the right tank, Johanna is the hero for you.
johanna hots


Leoric usually dominates HotS tier lists thanks to his shorter death timers and ability to revive in a chosen spot, however her kit offers much more utility.
Skeletal Wing is great at clearing waves while also slowing enemies. Drain Hope is a nightmare for warriors, allowing Leoric to recover health while also dealing damage. Wraith Walk is the perfect escape tool that allows Leoric to get out of many dangerous situations.
Both of his heroic are great: March of the Black King offers good damage and an amazing heals, while Entomb is perfect against enemies without escapes. On top of that, if you add the slows and extra vision he provides as dead thanks to Undying, you will understand why Leoric is so strong.
hots leoric

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