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Murky – room for him in competitive play and HotS boosting?

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  • 07/07/2015

Whenever I personally see Murky picked in my team – needless to say I get pissed, I clearly hate that little bastard and I’m sure many of you agree with me. Still, he is showing fairly decent win rates (above 53% even which is considered really well). What’s the deal with him then?

When it comes to competitive scene, Murky was picked by Cloud 9 Maelstrom during ESL Majors when they were facing a sort of weaker team – obvious sign of trolling, right?. Still, never underestimate your enemy, because enemy was Virtus.Pro, as a matter of fact, they are ranked eigth when it comes to total wins in the competitive scene. Turned out, To Be Determined, the team that picked Murky wasn’t trolling at all. In fact, Murky did quite well in the new map introduced in the latest patch and actually contributed a lot for the victory.

battlefield of eternity

How did Murky carry the game you wonder?

Right now, the new Battleground of Eternity is still pretty fresh even for us boosters who play hours and hours daily. Everyone is still trying to figure out which heroes are strong and which are best to use when performing boost services. Apparently pushers are the good stuff these days, Gazlowe for instance. Abathur is apparently pretty strong too. The new map is focused on long never ending fights in the middle, for instance teams that can win the fight early do well here, but so do those with extreme sustain. Double support, wink wink?

Murky does well in both of these situations actually, he can pull out some decent burst and sustain A LOT, many hiding places are open for him to hide his egg and continuously harrass. You may already see what I’m aiming for here. Basically a good strategy is to hide the egg near the lane which allows him to quickly push the lane and clear the wave, and immediatelly return to the fight. Pretty neat. He grabs the XP, pushes the lane, and is not absent from the fight for long.

Hilarious thing is, Virtus.Pro actually went and picked Murky the second game of the match. I’m still not sure whether they thought Murky is a pick for the win, or they just didn’t want To Be Determined to pick him. Too bad that the game didn’t go well and they lost it, settling at final 0:2.

If you wanna check the games for yourself, feel free to here. The broadcast is in Russian, sorry! Still you can just use your eyes eh? The first match where To Be Determined picked Murky is @ 5:45:00 and the second game with Virtus.Pro having Murky is at 6:43:30.


Murky’s potential in HotS boost

There certainly is a lot of potential here, Murky when played by a smart player (which we like to think of ourselves to be, duh!) is able to literally carry the game and finish the boost in shortest time possible. Great egg placements, balancing the pushing and teamfighting for objectives is the crucial thing to do and many players simply cannot do it, that is why you often see Murky being considered a troll pick, I cannot get rid of that bad habit and I just dislike playing with him, still that does not mean he is bad, remember that please. So if you run into a good Murky, maybe he’s being played by one of our boosters and he will carry your game easily, just work with him. If he’s in an opposite team, oh well. You’re up for a rough ride. 😉

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