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How To Play With Lt. Morales In Your Team – Top 7 Tips

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  • 05/05/2016

lt. morales guide tips

Hey everyone, today our Heroes of the Storm boost team will be going over the best strategies to take while playing with a Lt. Morales hero. Many players look up individual player guides and practice solo in order to master certain heroes. However, this leaves out an important piece of the puzzle. Players really need to learn how to synergize with certain specific teammates. Lt. Morales is a great teammate as she really supports everyone else if you play with her properly. She ranks extremely high on our Heroes of the Storm tier list. However, if you don’t know how to protect and take advantage of her presence, she’ll be rendered completely useless. Basically, you have to be supportive to you support. If you aren’t, both of you will die frequently, fail to heal, and let down your entire team. These tips will help you learn how to work well with Lt. Morales in solo or duo queue.
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Tip #1 – Focus on Lt. Morales

It’s so important to be focusing on Morales at all times. You have to ensure she is constantly protected, and be peeling and zoning for her as much as possible. If she’s kept alive, you will be kept alive too. Keep structuring your team in order to most efficiently guard Morales. Have stuns or roots available for use if the opponent tries to dive her. Try to save any burst to counter any attacks on her. Also, don’t chase too much, as it will leave her vulnerable behind you. After you’ve outlasted their first rush and kept Morales alive, start to push aggressively and take advantage of the situation. We always use this strategy in a HotS duo boost session.

Tip #2 – Learn the Healing Beam

The healing beam from Lt. Morales has a different range that is based off it’s current state. During a HotS duo boost, I noticed a few things about Morales’ healing range. When Morales uses the beam on a new target, the range is pretty short. When the beam actually becomes active on a certain hero, the leash is much longer. Be knowledgeable on how long the healing leash stands, especially during a fight. It is like a rope that’s connecting you with the support, and stay in sync with it as much as possible. Also, if the beam is broken, Morales won’t be able to use it again immediately. She has to get in range again to initiate it, and could leave both of you vulnerable for a few precious moments. If you want her to switch targets, make sure to be close enough for her to do so too. Certain heroes are better for her to focus, check out our Heroes of the Storm tier list for more info.

lt. morales synergize tips

Tip #3 – Let Morales Switch the Beam

Since Morales can only heal one target at a time, and everyone is taking damage, make sure to be aware of who really needs the heal the most. It is not only her responsibility, but also yours to be knowledgeable about the situation. Should she heal or or the other guy is the big question. If you stand in place, she will probably stay on you and leave a teammate to die. The key is to disengage and give her a chance to heal your teammate. Then, you can get back on her heal once he is better suited for combat. This method is great in our HotS boosting sessions.

Tip #4 – Keep an Eye on her Mana

Lt. Morales relies heavily on her level of mana. When she has a full bar, her abilities are amazing. When she has nothing, Morales is as useless as you get get. Although it should be her responsibility to alert her team when the mana pool has run dry, it’s also your job to keep an eye on her mana. I’d say a good time to play safe is when she is below twenty-five percent on mana levels. When you notice this, let your other teammates know as well if she hasn’t already done so.

Tip #5 – Safely Get Value from the Stim Drone

Morales’ Stim Drone is her heroic, and can be massively effective when it lands on an ideal hero. However, it usually arrives late or hits the wrong target. Get value from the drone when it’s on you, but still play safe when needed. A drone on you does not mean you should be irrational and dive right into the opponent’s territory. Remember to play smart and use it as a buff that doesn’t necessarily make you invincible. Our Heroes of the Storm boost team really likes the Stim Drone!

Tip #6 – Don’t Absorb Too Much Poke Damage

Just because you have heals available, don’t wastefully absorb poke. Many players get reckless as soon as they see a Lt. Morales on their team. It’s not her job to heal you the entire game because you decided to take too many risks. Her heals cost mana, and mana is a precious resource that should be reserved for when it’s really necessary to use abilities. Get as much value as you can from the heals, and take care of your health.

lt. morales tips guide

Tip #7 – Give Morales Time

Caduceus Reactor lets Lt. Morales regenerate her own health if she has not taken damage in four seconds. Try to create a rhythm around it for some team synergy. This is key when HotS boosting. When she’s not at a full health bar, leave her alone to heal up herself before you fight. Position yourself in order to protect her from pokes so she can heal in the middle of a fight. The 2.0 version of the skill gives her a nice shield and extra mana regeneration. At this point, the skill is even more important to be exploited throughout the match. This is one of the reasons Morales ranks so highly on our HotS tier list.

Lt. Morales is one of the most helpful heroes in the game. Be sure to check her out on our HotS tier list. Since she has so many heals for herself and for teammates, your team benefits greatly in her presence. Protect her, understand how she plays, and take value from her skills. In a duo queue, communication is definitely key. With this mindset, Morales will be ten times more valuable to you and your team.Let us know how you like our HotS Account shop.

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