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Li-Ming – Ultimate Guide (Build, Tips & Tricks, Counters)

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  • 04/02/2016

li ming guide

Our HotS boost team is on duty as always, and we are introducing our first Li-Ming guide. During our first tests we found out two effective builds: the first emphasizes poke damage from the orb, while the second focuses on her teleport, that becomes her main source of damage adding a tons of utility to her burst.
About her general play style, keep in mind that Li Ming is your typical “glass cannon”: a pretty squishy, hypermobile ranged assassin with great burst and poke. You will be the first target of the enemies during a teamfight, so keeping a safe position is crucial. You want to fire as many Magic Missiles and Orbs as you can during the fights and help your team during sieges with your wave clear and tower melting potential. Your ultimate has a decent damage and a short cooldown, and the teleport is probably the most fun part of her kit: it offers an insane mobility, good damage and even a shield with the proper build. Long story short, Li Ming is a mobile Jaina: same damage, but with an amazing teleport, and this complete kit makes her dominant on our HotS tier list.


– Two effective builds
– Great burst
– Very snowbally when she gets ahead
– Fun to play


– Teleport has short range
– Low mana pool
– Really squishy
– High skill cap
– She has the same role of Kael’thas, Jaina and Raynor.

Li-Ming Build

Level 1
astral presence li ming

Astral Presence: My favourite t1 talent. Li Ming needs a lot of mana to spam her spells through the whole game, and this awesome talent increase her mana regen by 100% when below 50%. It’s a no brainer.

Level 4

Dominance: according to our Heroes of the Storm boost team this is currently the most popular choice, bring dem resets.

Level 7

Calamity: this is our talent of choice for the teleport focused build. This talent will make your finishers incredible, threatening the enemy back line. Altho if enemy team is particularly tanky / double tank, missile build is better, aka the missile talents described below.

Level 7

Seeker: if the enemy is really tanky, take his talent.

Level 10

Disintegrate is the best choice in the fourth tier, since it has a great utility and an incredible damage: everything you need. It has a short cooldown, so feel free to spam it to siege structures, clear waves and contest objectives. It will also reset the cds of your other abilities when you get a kill. Almost too good to be true, and will probably make Li Ming a top tier hero in our HotS tier list.

Level 13
Illusionist li-ming

Illusionist: this talent will increase Li Ming’s survivability, allowing extra mobility and a more aggressive play style as soon as she reaches lv13. It will increase the range of your teleport by 50% and refresh the cd if you lose 15% of your health points: you can just jump in, trade some health and teleport away safely. It’s also great to escape ganks, since if you take enough damage you can teleport twice and even blink through certain walls.

Level 16
Diamond skin

Diamond skin is a must have for our Teleport focused build. During our duo queue boost sessions we already see many players struggling without it, so just go with it.

Level 20
temporal flux li ming

Temporal Flux: This is currently the most viable talent, great slow on your heroic.

Li-Ming Counters

The Butcher(Difficulty 8). His combo, Lamb to the Slaughter and Butcher’s Brand, is pretty effective as it will block your escape.

Nova(Difficulty 8). Nova makes your teleport almost useless, since you will take the damage no matter what. Hopefully the nerfs will make Nova less played, since she already
lost some of her power according to our Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Jaina(Difficulty 7): as long as you can dodge her abilities with her teleport, you can destroy her, but her slows will nullify your mobility.

Kerrigan(Difficulty 7): again she can ruin your day because of the crowd controls and the leap. Use the teleport to keep your distance, because if Kerrigan gets too close to you, it’s over.

Lunara(Difficulty 8): she has good mobility, and you lack crowd controls to keep her locked. Her damage over time will make dancing around her with your shield less effective.

Thrall(Difficulty 8): he has a great heal and two crowd control to lock you in place. Try to juke his root with your teleport and re engage onto him

Raynor(Difficulty 9): the hardest match up so far. It’s auto attack damage is insane, and he has a stun on top of that. You can’t really kite him because of his superior range, and committing to an all in is a bad idea because he has a lot of sustained damage. Just avoid him.

li-ming guide 2


1. The “rotation” is Arcane Missiles, Arcane Orb, Teleport, Wave of Force. Amazing burst

2. Arcane Orb deals increased damage whenever it hits a target at maximum distance. Learn its range practicing on structures.

3. You can use Arcane Missiles to catch fleeing opponents, but aiming is crucial

4. Li Ming is very fragile, so keep 4 stacks of Force Armor all the time to increase your tankiness

5. Try to focus an enemy with low hp when using Teleport into Wave of Force to follow up with your other spells

6. Glass Cannon reduces your hp, so be more careful in team fights and maintain a safe position

7.Wave of Force has a lot of utility, and makes Li Ming a dominant pick on our Heroes of the Storm tier list because of its knock back. You can interrupt channel abilities and flee from enemies

8.Before going all in, use Arcane Missiles as much as you can to poke your enemies. This abilities has a low cd and a minimal mana cost, especially if you followed our advices and picked Astral Presence.

9.Elaborating on Arcane Missiles, aiming them can be difficult, so just practice using them before entering the Hero League

10. Teleport has many uses: be creative with it to exploit its full potential. It can be used aggressively or defensively, to finish an enemy or to escape from a gank, or even to pass through terrain.

This ends our guide. We will keep testing Li Ming in the next few days to discover more strengths and weaknesses, but in the meanwhile let us know what you think of her! Check our site in the next days for more content and impressions about the new patch.

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