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Leoric – The Skeleton King – Guide (Cheatsheet)

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  • 21/07/2015

You just bought Leoric because he seems like a really cool dude (I mean look at him smashing that huge thing in everyone’s faces, and never really dying? Nerf.), but you didn’t really study how to build him?

Boosting Factory’s HotS boost employees are here to help you with this quick cheatsheet, you can call it a guide but it’s not comprehensive enough to be a guide, yet we’ll point out pros, cons, build and so on, the stuff you can read while still loading the game.


+ Semi-tanky
+ Sustain
+ Never really dies
+ Low Heroic ability cooldown (50/80s)


– Sort of long ability cooldowns (Q8/W12/E14s)
– Heroics aren’t to be used randomly, you can even be counterproductive if used bad.
– Can be kited


Undying (Trait)
After you die, you will become a ghost that can slow enemies, use it. Also you can reduce your respawn timer. You will respawn at the place where the ghost is, do not put yourself in a bad position and get killed off again instantly.

Skeletal Swing (Q)

Skeletal Swing-Icon
Frontal cone attack, swing your mace and deal damage to everyone infront. Also slow them for 40% for 2.5seconds, deals double damage to minions. Also in Ghost form when you die, it doesnt’t deal damage, only slows for 40%. Use it to clear waves or deal damage, after you die, use it wisely to slow the targets your team is going for.

Drain Hope (W)
Drain Hope-Icon
You press W on an enemy to take his soul, it’s like a connection to his body and what it does is deals up to 25% of their Max Health and healing you for up to 25% of Max Health. You can still use all your other abilities altho you are slowed for 20%. After you die, as a Ghost you can use this ability to only reduce your death timer, so don’t forget to use it.

Wraith Walk (E)
Wraith Walk - Icon
You know Sylvanas’ E? This is pretty much it with one little problem. You use it and your ghost starts going in the direction you want. Then when it ends or you press it again, you teleport to the ghost’s location. Even tho your original body is unstoppable, you cannot move like Sylvanas can, so don’t get killed just standing and waiting for your ghost to reach a desired location.

Entomb (R)
Entomb - Icon
You create some sort of prison that you will use to trap enemies and prevent them from escaping. Let me show you how it looks.
Entomb Screenshot
As you can see the enemy will be in the other side of the tomb while you will be on the entrance, the key here is obviously not to go away from the tomb but rather block the path so enemy can’t escape. Also use it when you’re sure that the enemy doesn’t have any more blinks or escaping abilities. Another key is not to trap your teammate in dangerous situations! I suggest taking this heroic when you have atleast 2 ranged carries that will be able to actually deal damage to a trapped enemy. Our HotS boost employees will definitely use this heroic a lot due to their synergy in games for securing a maximum number of kills.

March Of The Black King (R)

March Of The Black King - Icon
This ability will make you walk in the direction you casted, swinging your mace 3 times and healing you for 7% of Max Health for each enemy hit while dealing damage. Nothing unclear here except the fact that if you use it while enemies still have escapes, or you use it in generally a bad direction, you literally wasted your Heroic and possibly even got yourself in a bad position and killed. Use it wisely.



Level 1 – Go for Reanimation Reanimation Icon. If you’re the main tank and enemy is more autoattacker oriented, take Block Block - Icon.

Level 4 – I believe the best option in any situation here is Willing Vessel Willing Vessel - Icon(Increased healing from W up to 30%).

Level 7 – If you’re the main tank in the team, go for sustain, take Ossein Renewal Ossein Renewal - Icon, if not, you can still take it, depends on your playstyle.

Level 10 – Tough one, both are viable, my suggestion is that when you have a team with 2 or more ranged heroes you can take the Entomb Entomb - Icon, you also need feel comfortable using it, do not if you’re a begginner. If your team lacks damage and is more melee oriented, go for the March Of The Black King March Of The Black King - Icon which is a great ability for heavy damage, sustain and fights such as those tribute fights on Cursed Hollow, again, you need to use this one wisely too.

Level 13 – Burning Rage Heroes of the storm burning rage or Crushing Hope depending on your playstyle.

Level 16 – Consume Vitality Consume Vitality - Icon is the best option here, it makes your Q heal you for 2% for each target hit, also effective while you’re dead so you can respawn faster. You can also go with Imposing Presence if enemy team is heavily autoattacker oriented.

Level 20 – If you’re main tank or just generally having trouble getting rekt pretty fast, versus burst comps such as Jaina/KT/Butcher, go for the Hardened Shield Hardened Shield Icon. Again, if damage oriented, our HotS boost employees suggest that you use Spectral Leech Spectral Leech Icon – your basic attacks deal 5% Maximum Health to enemy heroes (great vs tanks) and heal you for the same amount. Another preference is Death March Death March which makes you apply Drain Hope to enemies around you when you pop it.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this cheatsheet / guide that our boosters provided for you in order to help you up your rank completely free. Leave suggestions below, we will try to update this guide as often as possible.

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