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How To Get Better At Heroes Of The Storm

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  • 20/07/2015


There’s a big chance you’re not new to the MOBA genre, you’ve likely took your shot at DotA or LoL, and have been in the HotS BETA, or maybe ALPHA even. You know what terms such as ‘carry’, ‘support’ and ‘Push’ mean. Basically, you’re set to start your HotS carreer.

But, not everyone has experience, MOBA genre isn’t old news for everyone. Blizzard tried to make this game rather simple when it comes to learning basics, but complex to truly master. If you’re trying to get better, try followe some of the advices I’m about to give.

Adjust Your Approach and Mentality

One of the first mistakes I notice when it comes to new players is that they believe they’re amazing at this game just after only a first five to ten games, some players’ ego is so big that I wouldn’t be surprised that they applied here at Boosting Factory to work for us as a HotS boost employee after their first week. One of the reasons for this is that when you make a new account and you already have some MOBA experience, you will likely just dominate those early games on levels 1-20, up to 40 even. You may not be a godlike player and no, we won’t accept your application, yet you might feel like a god. I often hear people yelling how this game is easy and even dumb because they win so easily, yet sooner or later they come here and purchase HotS boost. In order to truly see how hard is it to master this game you will need to play hundreds of games on higher levels and higher MMR & Rank. Before that, please do not draw any unnecessary conclusions.

My suggestion is that you start playing the game with the student mentality, which also turns out to be the best mentality for living the life alltogether, not just playing games. You suck. That’s how you start, or well, not necessarily suck, but you need to accept that you will in life, and in HotS always have something new to learn and to improve yourself. You need to shatter that ego and let your mind take in the information like a sponge.

One exception is if you’re a professional from another MOBA game, you will learn HotS much faster because you know how to actually learn already, you already adjusted yourself to the mentality I’m suggesting now.

Criticism is fine

It’s not new news that MOBA players are extremely sensitive and butthurt when it comes to taking constructive advice – called criticism. Players always find a way to turn the criticism around or just ignore it, regardless of the fact that it was delivered in a very calm and non-aggressive way. A true man (or a girl?) will even learn from shit talk too. A psychological trick for this is similar to the real world one where when someone criticizes you, for instance tells you those new shoes you just bought don’t really fit you or your style, you will probably be hurt and disappointed and won’t be able to accept the facts, you first need to experience the emotions but remember what they said, a couple of hours later when you’re calmer and the rational side of your brain takes over again, think about what they said and see do those shoes really fit your style? Maybe there were right. So when someone tells you ‘Retard, you should have gone to the bot temple with us, you lost us the game now’ – you will be hurt and try to ignore it and try to find a million reasons why you SHOULDN’T have gone bot temple, but later, watch the replay and rationally decide were they right, fix it for your future games.

There are two types of flamers, pathetic ones that are usually sad people who get happiness by not improving themselves but rather by bringing other down, those will rarely have any constructive advice for you. But there are other type of flamers, the competitive players which aren’t good at losing, yet they are mostly right when it comes to criticising you, so if you see a flamer doing really well in the game, maybe take his advice, even when he cannot deliver it in a polite manner. Our HotS boost employees are none of these and they will likely always be there to lead and call shots in their team solely because that is their job, they need to finish the boost in shortest time possible and will not be stopped by emotion.

Open up with easier heroes, work your way up to complex ones

This rule can also be applied to real life and literally every game there is, I’m sorry but just because you adore a certain hero doesn’t mean you should be playing ranked games with him, do not be selfish and ruin people’s games. Leave that for Quick Matches and Custom Games. Blizzard has provided players with a couple of easier heroes that cost only 2,000 Gold and you should be picking up those because they do not have complex mechanics so you can actually work on learning the map and get a grasp of the game without having to worry about your hero so much. Similar to this would be the gear box in a car, the automatic gear box allows you to focus on the road more instead of shifting gears and dividing your attention while you’re still learning the roads and signs. Later, it becomes more automated movement, same with HotS, later the mechanics won’t be a problem at all.

I do not personally suggest that you play Specialists in the early stages of the game. Heroes I suggest are: Muradin, Li-Li, Valla, Raynor. Note that many of our HotS boost employees play these heroes, because they are easy doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful, for instance Valla is a great hero, one of the top picks as a matter of fact.

Use the content the Internet offers

Even since early Alpha, HotS has had a lot of people giving their content, guides, VoDs. In order to keep progressing, check for these resources around the web, for instance Boosting Factory’s blog, another great resource is Reddit’s HotS subreddit.
Just because the advice sounds simple, like ‘good mentality’ or ‘dedicating time’, doesn’t mean it is not worth reading. A wise player will find things to learn from from even the most obvious resources. Everyone would be a pro if these advices were that obvious, no? Just because you understand what does ‘dedicate time’ means doesn’t mean you should skip the article, the article will likely tell you how to properly dedicate time, not all time dedicated was time well spent, if you understand what I’m trying to point. There is no excuse for you to stay uninformed in 2015 and access to so much information free.

Death timer isn’t alt-tab timer

During the early game, the death timers are swift, still, you can take a look around the map and see when could you take that open camp for instance, later in the game they get longer and many players will alt-tab and check their Facebook. No, do not do that, take that time to either advise your team, check the camps, check which lanes need pushing, check the respawn timers on camps, check the enemy’s talents, there are so many things to check and get some advantage from. Not to mention that Facebooking will divert your focus and you might get back in the game going to the wrong spot when your team called something else, horrible.

Get yourself a coach

I talked about the student mentality earlier, well, there’s a line from which you cannot learn anymore on your own, just like professional athletes, you need someone to watch over you and see things objectively, the things you miss out on. But coaches aren’t only made for professionals, coach will likely double your learning rate, depends on how open minded you are. You can get yourself a coach here at Boosting Factory for 1 on 1 lessons. If you’re short on money, there are alternatives such as YouTube personalities and Twitch streamers. Those are not 1 on 1 lessons but they often can provide you with valuable information.

However no matter how good you are, you could still be dragged down by negative players, check out our HotS boost services, we’d be glad to assist you.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes, good luck in the Nexus!

Credits to: Viktor “JamesDickens” Laskov


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