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How To Counter Kael’Thas / Tyrande / Raynor Meta

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  • 12/01/2016

kt tyrande raynor counter guide
The current meta is becoming really dull and these three are picked almost every game and are Tier 1 in our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, sadly with tomorrow’s patch and Greymane release, we won’t see any balance changes, another bad move by Blizzard, that’s why our Heroes of the Storm boost team made this guide to help you play in the current meta vs these strong heroes.


1. Many KT’s go for the Mana Addict talent first, that means he has no self sustain and you should get a Zagara or some other hard poke hero to defeat him in lane! He’s weaker early.
2. In case he goes Gathering Power, check for his name being on fire which means he’s on a killing spree and is most dangerous, he needs to be locked down asap.
3. Before 16, KT is very squishy, after 16 he gets a shield and whenever you focus him and he pops it, switch targets, wait for the shield to wear off and then finis him.
4. After 13, KT has chain bombs, please warn your team about it as many do not know it and tell them the priority now is to SPREAD in teamfights.
5. Kael’Thas, like a regular mage, has long cooldowns on his spells, all KT’s also use all their spells in a burst, meaning if you see a Phoenix out, and his Q AoE, and he misses it, time to engage because you have an 8-10 second window before he does anything!


1. Tyrande needs a team to function, she alone won’t do much but when she roams with her team she’s deadly. Be aware of early game roaming and ganks by her!
2. She has no disengage, meaning that warriors who can sit on her are the most effective, slows and stuns preferred.
3. When Tyrande sends and owl and reveals your team, it also reveals her, atleast the line from where she sent the Owl you can guess her approximate position.
4. If enemy team picks Tyrande as solo support, try to play 3 damage dealers, not double tank or double support.
5. If you play a healer vs Tyrande, save your cooldowns for Tyrande stun+mark combo!


1. Raynor deals sustained damage throughout the fight, never let him alone, any pressure on him is good, whatever you do, do not let him freely attack.
2. Stuns and burst damage are the way to go vs Raynor, try to stun him on around 40% HP to prevent Adrenaline Rush from activating and you successfully bursting him down.
3. On level 7, Raynors pick Revolution Overdrive which means he can chase most targets and auto attack while chasing, do not let him do that to your teammates because he beats many heroes 1v1.
4. Raynor is great on maps with strong bosses, he is amazing sustained DPS for them and he will most likely be on those bosses all the time, try to catch him out of position then.
5. Raynor is often combined with Morales for the sustained healing and damage, and the Stim Drone ridiculous burst, think about focusing Morales first.

We hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for our regular HotS Tier List update with Greymane’s release and more free guides from our HotS boosting team.

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