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HotS – Upcoming Lt. Morales (Medic) + Artanis + Many More Skins & Mounts

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  • 21/09/2015

Morales and Artanis As New Heroes

Blizzard has just released a video showing like we suspected that the next hero is Medic, now officialy called Lt. Morales. I like how the original skin has 2 great recolors, one even being with Alliance logo from World of Warcraft and not just shifted up colours. Great job Blizzard. Master skin also has some great changes and not simple recolors like many other heroes already in the game have.
Apart from Master Lt. Morales, there’s Apothecary Morales also having great variations.

Lt. Morales
Lt. Morales Alliance
Lt. Morales 3
Master Lt. Morales
Master Lt. Morales 2
Master Lt. Morales 3
Apothecary Lt. Morales
Apothecary Lt. Morales 2
Apothecary Lt. Morales 3

Artanis – Hero Upcoming After Lt. Morales

A famous Warrior also from Starcraft franchise is coming after Lt. Morales, except Master skins, Purifier Artanis is announced, date of release unknown yet.

Artanis 2
Artanis 3
Master Artanis
Master Artanis 2
Master Artanis 3
Purifier Artanis
Purifier Artanis
Purifier Artanis 3

Marshal Raynor Skin (Themed Abilities)

Another new skin is for Raynor and it will feature themed abilities (Check the video below)

Marshal Raynor
Marshal Raynor 2
Marshal Raynor 3

Buccaneer Falstad Skin (Themed Abilities)

Buccaneer Falstad
Buccaneer Falstad 2
Buccaneer Falstad 3

Marshal’s Outrider Mount

A matching mount for the new Marshal Raynor skin.
Marshal's Outrider
Marshal's Outrider 2
Marshal's Outrider 3

Void Speeder Mount

Void Speeder
Void Speeder2
Void Speeder 3

Nexus Battle Beast

Nexus Battle Beast
Nexus Battle Beast 2
Nexus Battle Beast 3

Headless Horseman’s Charger

Special mount from WoW franchise that becomes droppable from Headless Horseman during Halloween is soon in the Nexus.

Headless Horseman's Charger
Headless Horseman's Charger 2
Headless Horseman's Charger 3


Vulture 2
Vulture 3

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