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HotS Tracer – Quick Guide (Build, Counters & More)

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  • 29/03/2016

hots tracer guide

Hi lads! Today our HotS boost team is here to talk about Tracer, the first Heroes of the Storm hero from the Overwatch franchise. She is a ranged assasin with a kit very similar to the Overwatch one. Make sure to check regularly to see how will she position on ourHotS tier list because the meta is often very strict and not all heroes fit it. Tracer release date is 19th April for those who prepurchase Overwatch, and 26th April for everyone else.
To understand who is Tracer, let’s start with her abilities.

About Tracer

– High mobility
– Heroic from Level 1
– Not many counters
– Extremely fun to play

– Not a large healthpool
– Squishy
– Few counters but easily hard countered

Tracer Abilities

Reload (Trait) Tracer is able to auto-attack while moving. Tracer reloads all of her ammo in 0.75 seconds. This trait activates automatically when ammo is depleated. Tracer’s basic attacks consume ammo.

Blink (Q) Quickly blinks towards target direction. Has 3 charges.
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Melee (W) – Deals damage to target enemy, prioritizes nearest enemy Hero. Hitting non-Hero targets grants grants 5 Pulse Bomb charges. Hitting enemy Heroes grants 10 Pulse Bomb charges.
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Recall (E)
Returns Tracer to where she was 3 seconds prior. Also refills ammo and removes any impairing effects (slows . . . etc).
*When used it gives 1 second of invulnerability.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Pulse Bomb (R)
Throw a bomb that sticks to the first target it touches. When it explodes it deals twice the damage it deals to the primary target in an AOE.
Dealing damage charges this ability. Costs 100 charges to cast. Holds maximum of 100 charges.
Pulse Bomb is available from level 1. Instead of a second heroic at level 10, Tracer can select a talent to upgrade Pulse Bomb.

Pulse Bomb (R) – Level 10
Sticky Bomb: Increases the range by 50% and enemies hit have their movement speed reduced by 60% for 3 seconds.
Quantum Spike: Pulse Bomb no longer does damage in an area, but deals additional damage to a single target equal to 15% of their Maximum Health
Pulse Rounds: The range of Pulse Bomb is doubled, and Basic Attacks versus Heroes give 50% more charges to Pulse Bomb

Tracer Build

tracer build

How To Play Tracer

Will be updated…

Tracer Counters

Raynor: Duel between Raynor and her will result in Raynor simply beating her.

Brightwing Polymorph, you’re going nowhere kid.

Johanna: Always a counter to auto attackers.

Lunara: I believe Lunara can stick to her and deal more damage.

The Butcher: After he E’s her, she can blink all she wants but he’s getting to her, also chaining her down results in the same.

Chen: Drunken panda doesn’t give a f**k about your jumps or auto attacking, and if he takes the keg heroic…

Sylvanas: Two words: Mind Control.

Zeratul: Shadow Charge Zeratul will effectively stick to her.

Tracer Is Strong Against

Jaina: Dodge everything and wipe her.

Li-Ming: Read Jaina.

Murky: Dodge, finish him.

Tracer Goes Well With

Tassadar: Shields and heals!

Abathur: All autoattackers love Aba.

Tracer Tips

– Never go melee range if you do not have atleast 1 blink or Recall.

– Good trick is to, for instance when Illidan hunts you or Butcher E’s you, start blinking away for all charges and use Recall as soon as the stun is finished to move all the way back, be careful tho about timing this.

– Be careful not to run out of your healers range due to your high mobility.

– Save atleast 1 blink charge all the time.

– Do not engage without having Recall up.

– Try to focus the backline by running in, placing a Pulse Bomb, Meleeing and recalling out.

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