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HotS TL;DR Patch Notes | October 6, 2015

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  • 06/10/2015

hots patch notes
Our Heroes of the Storm Boost team is aware that many players do not have the time or patience to read through the whole patch notes, and some don’t even quite understand what the changes mean, so we decided to hop in and write a short version of important changes from the patch notes for you.

HotS Patch Notes

New hero is coming to HotS, Lt. Morales, the Medic. Check out our HotS boosting team’s guide for Lt. Morales.

New mounts: Marshal’s Outrider, Void Speeder.

Chen now costs 7,000G and Tyrael 4,000G.

A healing fountain icon will now show right of your portrait whether a fountain is available for use or on cooldown. Buffs via talents are now also back just under the Healing Fountain icon.

Loading screen now shows players and heroes just like in League of Legends!

– You can now watch Replays together with your friends

Immortals from Battlefield of Eternity now have their healths buffed after level 11 and 16.

[W] Plants from terrors in Garden of Terror can now disable core and their health increases with the duration of the game.

Punishers from Infernal Shrines now have their healths reduced and jump to a closest enemy, rather to a random one. Amount of skeletons needed to summon a Punisher is now 40.

Three temples at once in Sky Temple is now removed.


Butcher’s E now deals 15% of Maximum Health, rather than Current Health, a fair buff, still I don’t think it will be enough to make him viable.

Zeratul’s AD is a little nerfed, so is his Wormhole recast time from 3 to 2 seconds, on top of that Void Prison’s casting range reduced by 50%. Some decent nerfs here, let’s see how it plays out.

Nazeebo’s Spiders greatly nerfed, vision by Ravenous Spirit increased by 66% making it more and more viable.

Tassadar’s shield is now smaller but more spammable, also his talent Leeching Plasma returns more HP making him a little more viable as a main support. Archon’s damage nerfed, wall becoming a viable option?!

Tyrande‘s basic AD buffed, her Shadowstalk heroic doesn’t reveal enemies anymore and now heals heroes, she’s also becoming possibly viable as a main support, our Heroes of the Storm boost team reckons.

– Some talent changes for Chen, check them all here.

Diablo’s HP increased via Soulstones, his Q Shadow Charge has more range and stun increased to 1sec, W’s damage increased. Overall buffs, Diablo will be viable again.

ETC’s health increased, Q stun increased to 1.25s, W mana cost and CD reduced, E’s healing increased. Overall buffs for him too.

Johanna’s wave clear nerfed with W, her Blessed Shield’s stun durations decreased, some slight nerfs here, she’s still viable tho.

Leoric’s Q damage nerfed, again a nerf but our HotS boosting team believes he’ll still be viable all up to HotS Season 1, they won’t nerf new heroes hard.

Rexxar’s Misha control has been improved, a good buff!

Stitches’ HP scaling increased and some talent removal and reworking, check it all here. He could become viable once again, yay, hooks.

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