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HotS – Picks That Dominate Hero League Right Now – Part 1

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  • 08/11/2015

Hey guys! Our boosters told us that the most asked question during their HotS Duo Queue boost sessions is what is the best hero to play to dominate the Hero League. Our team knows why it’s important to pick the right hero: choosing the best hero can make winning games and climbing the ladder way easier, and give you an advantage before the game even starts!
For these reasons, our Heroes of the Storm boost team wrote a guide about the best heroes to play to “carry” your team mates. Despite not being like the usual HotS tier list, this article will cover the best heroes to play to dominate the hero league. Note that we will releasing the second part in the next days, so be sure to visit our site for that and for informations about the next HotS hero: if you missed it, here is a list of the potential candidates.


Jaina is probably my favourite hero because she is very versatile: you can literally play her in every team compositions! She is an Area Of Effect nuker with decent survivability, an escape tool, great AoE damage and utility with her perma slow: thanks to the great flexibility of her talents build, she can be played in many different waves
With Water Elemental her Frostbite will do AoE damage as well, adding an extra slow and increasing the damage. Ring of Frost is a good defensive tool to lock down the enemies during ganks or team fights, turning the tides of a fight. As you can see, she excels at controlling the battleground with slows and hard crowd controls, making her a dominant champion in the Hero League. She has even a “panic button” in her Ice Block spell, making her hard to boost down even if caught out of position.
hots jaina


Well, this is the name everybody expected to see on this HotS tier list! Kael’thas has always been a dominant pick since its release, and despite the multiple nerfs he is still really strong in the Hero League but also in competitive. He is a “control mage” that specializes in Area of Effect damage with his Living Bomb, the perfect spell to nuke enemies, clear waves or secure camps. He has an incredible zoning tool in his Phoenix heroic, that has a very short cool down.
His damage power spike is at level 13 with the Chain Bomb talent, making him even better at bursting opponents with area of effect damage: unless the enemies have perfect position he can wipe many heroes with only a few spell.
On top of his absurde damage he has a decent survivability thanks to Mana Addict and Arcane Barrier, making him tanky enough to survive many bad situations. If you decide to main this hero, be sure to check our guide about how to master Kael’thas!
hots kael'thas


Well, probably some of you will be surprised to see Kerrigan in this Heroes of the Storm tier list. She isn’t as popular as Kael’thas and Jaina, but according to our HotS boost team her power in the Hero League is incredibly high. She has a good engage with her Ravage ability, that allows her to jump to priority targets allowing her team to close the gap.
What really makes her an high tier pick is her tankiness. She can be the main engage and survive thanks to her Maelstrom shields, Lingering Essence and Assimilation Mastery talents, providing her extra effective health.
She has the ability to lock down multiple targets while her team can just run them down, and she has this incredible power starting from the early game: she doesn’t need many levels to gain access to her most powerful abilities and talents, making her one of the most snowballing heroes in the game.
hots kerrigan


Playing against Zeratul can be a pretty traumatizing experience: during the HotS Duo Queue boost sessions, our boosters noticed that many players are discouraged just seeing that Zeratul is locked in by the enemies. Well, he is feared for many good reasons.
He has a really high burst, comparable to Kael’Thas or Jaina, and has many escape tools on top of that! Playing against him can be very frustrating: he appears, quickly nukes someone to zero hp and then Blinks away. But his kit offers more: he has a good wave clear with Cleave, he can use Permanent Cloak to catch enemies off guard when roaming to pick up early kills and snowball his lead. But his most important ability is the Void Prison heroic: he can basically zone out two or three enemies from the fights for five seconds, potentially changing the outcome of the battle. If you wanna climb the ladder, consider purchasing this hero!
hots zeratul


A few weeks ago Sylvanas wasn’t really popular in the Heroes of the Storm tier list, however recently she has become a popular pick: despite her low damage, she has an incredible utility.
Her main role in the game is to split push: she has an absurd wave clear, a great escape tool with Haunting Wave, and still a good single target burst damage with Withering Fire. She can also offer a great utility in team fights with the Cold Embrace talent, that makes her Shadow Dagger inflict Vulnerability to the whole enemy team, increasing substantially the damage done to the them.
Lastly, her Wailing Arrow ability can be devastating if used at the right time: it’s almost impossible to counter an engage if this spell is used properly, stopping any channeled abilities and silencing the enemies.
hots sylvanas

This ends the first part of the guide. Be sure to check our website in the next days for the second part, more news and guides from our HotS boost team.
Meanwhile check the Blizzcon Day 1 Recap in TL;DR version, and Day 2 coming up!

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