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HotS Dehaka – Quick Guide (Build, Counters & More)

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  • 17/03/2016

hots dehaka guide

Hi lads! Today our HotS boost team is here to talk about Dehaka, the Primal Zerg. Our newest and 50th addition to HotS’ nexus is a character from the Starcraft universe. He is a melee warrior who cannot mount but can burrow himself into any bush or vent on the whole map. We hope he positions well on our HotS tier list because the meta is often very strict and not all heroes fit it. Dehaka release date is likely 29th March.
To understand who is Dehaka, let’s start with his abilities.

About Dehaka

– A diverse kit that makes Dehaka a bruiser all around, some damage, survivability and utility.
– The Drag ability can be a real gamechanger and playmaker.
– Decent map presence due to Burrow.
– Both heroics are fair.

– Not a large healthpool
– Not a solo tank
– Not so good damage compared to other Warriors
– Reliant on the Drag ability
– Squishy if you target her

Dehaka Abilities

Bushstalker (Z) – You cannot use Mounts. Instead, you may burrow to any bush or vent on the Battleground. 40 second cooldown.

Essence Collection (Trait) – This ability gives Dehaka some survivability, Essence Collection gives you a heal over time. Maximum essences you can carry is 50, hero kills give you 10 and minion kills give you 2. When you activate it, you gain 5 health regen for every essence you used. Great thing is you can use this ability while burrowed and immune, yet still you get healed.

dehaka essence collection

Drag (Q) – Similar to Stitches hook, Drag works in a similar manner. If you played League, it’s like Skarner’s Ultimate. You “lick” someone and drag them for 1.75 seconds wherever you want.
dehaka drag

Burrow (W) – Burrow is an advanced version of Iceblock, it makes you immune but also burries you underground. It lasts for 2 seconds and once it’s done you will pop up right where you burrowed yourself. Remember that you can use your trait during this time, use this ability to block any incoming burst or you’re just super low HP.
dehaka burrow

Dark Swarm (E) – This ability is simple AoE damage active, means you will use it most of the time you’re fighting, it also gives you an unique trait of passing through people, nobody can bodyblock you but you cannot bodyblock anyone either so careful with it. Use this when passing through people and cutting them off in order to Drag them.
dark swarm dehaka

Isolation (R1) – Offensive heroic ability, nothing much here to say, try to land it on a mage or a healer target, or preferably in a larger group in a teamfight. You will use this ultimate more often because you will rarely solo tank and take the other ultimate.
dehaka isolation

Adaptation (R) – This ultimate will be used when you need extra survivability or when you’re solo tanking, basically you pop it right when you start taking damage in a fight and after 5 seconds it will heal you up.
adaptation dehaka

Dehaka Build

dehaka build

Dehaka Counters

Tychus – Tychus just destroys you.

Dehaka Goes Well With

Xul – Goal with Dehaka is to have people follow up on his Drag, Xul does that well.
Abathur – For dem hats.
Nazeebo – Locking people after the drag.

Dehaka Tips

1. Don’t forget about your trait, before initiating always try to maximise the number of Essences you carry.

2. Use Burrow even when high HP to mitigate any incoming burst from heroes such as Kael’Thas.

3. When burrowed, even tho you’re immune, you can use your essences and E ability.

4. Drag has a fairly low range, do not overextend to drag someone, it’s very risky.

5. Do not think you’re invincible because you have Burrow, when you burrow, people will surround you and finish you off after it expires.

6. Focus on dragging targets that do not have escapes or have used them before, you can when you have a team who can follow up on your Drag, let’s say Xul.

7. Careful when you use Dark Swarm, it can be an easy escape tool because they can’t body-block you but you also can’t bodyblock people.

8. Use your Bushstalker to soak multiple lanes and collect Essences.

9. Dehaka has no escape abilities and until level 13 is very vulnerable.

10. Make sure to have your Bushstalker off cooldown when objectives are due such as Cursed Hollow tribute.

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