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HotS Competitive Play Strategy – Part 2 (Macro)

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  • 29/07/2015

Nova - HotS guide cover

Today we’ll be covering the second part of out guide trilogy dealing with how to essentially become a better player in ranked and competitive environment.

If you missed the Part 1, find it here.


Macro in HotS relates to how you use your team to manipulate the map in your favour. A good person applying for HotS boosting must know Macro inside out.
Successfully macromanaging a game of HotS means:
● Fast & efficient decision making

● Reading the opponent’s strategy (this includes observing the opponent’s talents)

● Knowing your power spikes along with the opponent’s power spikes

Our HotS boost employees suggest that you ask yourself these questions in order to improve your macro:
What is my team comp’s strengths? What is the enemy team comp’s strengths?
What is my team comp’s weaknesses? What is the enemy team comp’s weaknesses?
What talents do we need to counter the enemy comp? What talents has the enemy taken to counter ours?
At what stage of the game are we our strongest? At what stage of the game are the enemy at their strongest?
When can we fight? When can the enemy fight?
Am I making the most use of my team comp whilst reducing time lost?

Good heroes to improve Macro include: Abathur, TLV, Tyrande, Zeratul, Brightwing, Falstad, Nova

HotS minimap guide
● The minimap is one of the most important tools at players’ disposal, and it is extremely underused. You should be actively glancing at your minimap every 5-10 seconds until you don’t even think about doing it. There are gaming glasses already to be bought which can be used to track your eye movement. I would surely like to compare eyes movement of a HotS boost employee and a new player.

● It tells you what enemy heroes are visible, what heroes are missing, which lanes are pushing/being pushed/missing soak & also which mercenary camps are up.

● It also helps with objective control and helps you to decide whether you can contest. USE IT.


Leoric Guide Cover
● Actively watching your opponents’ talents will help you understand what type of build/comp they are going. Some heroes have limited variety in their talent builds (Uther, Illidan, Kael’thas, Sgt. Hammer) whilst some have more (Johanna, Muradin, Valla, Rehgar, Abathur). This is one of the things that differ a casual player and a person willing to apply for a HotS boosting position, casual player will often go for generic builds regardless of situations, a good HotS booster will always run a flexible build.

● You want to check your opponents’ talents at every talent-level (1/4/7 etc.) and see how you can counter them with your own. Auto-attack valla gets countered by muradin w attack speed slow. Spell shield counters heavy burst teams. Giant killer counters tanky comps.

● You should discuss before the game what talents are likely needed (Cleanse, spell shield, giant killer, bolt etc.)

Find our Leoric Guide here.


HotS guide mercenaries
Correctly timed mercs will wreak havoc on the enemy’s base. The siege camp does huge damage to buildings whilst the hard camp pushes lanes fast.
Great teams will do mercs right as an objective begins, meaning the enemy team has a trade-off between depushing a lane or having 5 members at the objective. Mercs are a nice thing to do when the game is stalling and you have free time. They give you more xp by doing them, less than killing enemy mercs.
Hard-camp on Haunted Mines isn’t as important as everyone makes it out to be. If someone keeps warning you in Mines that you shouldn’t make a habit of going for that hard-camp, it could be one of our HotS boost employees. Yet hard-camp on Battlefield of Eternity can be absolutely horrific if left undealt with.

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Credits: LanaDelCray

See you later for the Part 3: Drafting!

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