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HotS – Blizzcon 2015 Leaks – New Heroes, Death Recap…

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  • 06/11/2015

blizzcon 2015 hots
Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team has some Blizzcon 2015 leaks overheard from a Heroes of the Storm panel rehearsal. We’ve got some new heroes going on here and we can’t wait to see them rank on our HotS tier list. We will update this post regularly with real information from Blizzcon on Friday and Saturday so make sure to bookmark this post/like us on Facebook.


Matches will be built more on the actual MMR to make higher quality matches.
New maximum waiting time for a quality match is 10 minutes, up from 6.
Time within those 10 minutes will not determine the match quality.
New algorithms for matchmaking.

Fixes in 2016

Improving MMR accuracy.
New algorithm to make comps in quick match more mirrorish.
Create MMR to be dependent on the performance in game, not just wins/loss.
MMR for each hero!

Admitting Mistakes

Rank losses are too harsh.
Seasons need to be implemented.
Transparency isn’t good.
Removing talent gating.

Death Recap

Will show last 10 things that happened to your hero.

Ranked Play

Ban system to be implemented in 2016.
Grandmaster Rank that is similar to Legend in Hearthstone.
Increase hero rotation from 7 to 10 heroes

New Heroes After Artanis


Seems like we predicted Cho’gall well but these two are a big surprise!
HotS boost team wonders how these heroes will perform on our regular HotS tier list.

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