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Hero League – Ultimate Guide To Getting Rank 1 | Part 2

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  • 11/01/2016

guide to rank 1 part 2
Hello lads, and happy holidays! Today our seasoned HotS boosting team will talk about how to reach rank one. Our boosters grinded from the bottom of the ladder up to the top, the legendary “Rank 1”, many times, and have a few tricks to show you. We had a discussion about the most common practice to climb the ladder: practicing only a few champion, spamming only your main, or simply following our HotS tier list picking always the “op” heroes and so on. In the end, we gathered our ideas and realized this guide hoping to help you reaching your goal.
Before starting, let me be clear. Everyone should play games mostly for fun, but you need some competitive spirit to get to rank 1. You should also have a lot of time to play, willingness to improve and to try new strategies, and a decent raw skill. If you think that you meet these criteria, go ahead and read!
Keep in mind that this is the second part of the article: check the first part here if you missed it!

The Boss Is Kinda Overrated

Well, during our duo queue boost sessions we see many fights and many throws at a boss fight, because it’s the classic example of a high risk, medium reward choice. Capturing a boss means exposing yourself to the enemies, since they may be able to engage on you while you are tanking his damage and using your cooldowns on him. Even if you are able to secure it, most of the time he can be countered by coordinated teams without much efforts. IN the late game, just use the death time of the enemies to push a structure or go for the core.

Pick Heavy Damage Heroes In Every Role

Choosing the right heroes is hard, and here is a tip for you. In our Heroes of the Storm tier list, we really value high damage heroes in every role because they can rip apart any non coordinate team in a matter of seconds, and especially in lower ranks is hard to counter them.
For healers, we recommend Tyrande and LiLi, for assassins, Raynor and KT, for Warriors, Sonya and Leoric, for Specialist, the one and only Zagara. These heroes excel in their role and also deal a substantial amount of damage, and are a good pick almost always.

Absolutely Don’t Pick Squishy Melee Heroes

Talking of heroes, it’s clear that melee assassins aren’t a good pick nowadays because the meta consists mostly of poke comps. Bursting down a melee assassin is really easy, and in solo queue coordinating with your team isn’t always an option, since you are placed in a match with four strangers relying only on your pings to communicate.
According to our Heroes of the Storm tier list, it’s better to choose heroes like Raynor and Sonya instead of squishy assassins like Butcher or Illidan.

Always Take Advantage Of Auto Attacks

When analyzing the total damage, we found a somehow surprising fact. Even in team fight, a significant portion of damage comes from auto attacks, so never forget to land an auto before every spell you cast. Be sure to target the highest priority target in range and learn how to stutter step, so you can minimize the damage loss when moving!

Always Look At The Map

To avoid most of your deaths, look at the map, my rule of thumb is to take a quick glance at the map at least every three seconds, if you are not in a team fight. You will get more informations and you will die less and less, and if you see that an enemy is missing, be sure to warn your teammates using pings.

Team Compositions Are Important, But Not Essential

A common mistake is to try to pick according to the composition only to play a hero you never tried before. Well, that’s a huge mistake. If you aren’t experienced with a single hero, don’t play him in ranked for the first time, even if this means that your team comp will be pretty bad. I’ve seen the most absurd team comps stomping games in rank one, and it doesn’t surprise me anymore.
Picking the best heroes according to our HotS tier list is also a good choice, but remember that you need experience with them to achieve good results!

Always Think Before Using Any Ability In A Team Fight

For our last tip, remember to always make calculated decision. Don’t roll your face on the keyboard in team fight, but try to think of the most optimal way to use your abilities, and land as many auto attacks as possible in the meanwhile. Focusing a low priority target or missing a skill shot can give the enemies an edge in the team fight, so try to reduce your mistakes.

This is the end of our guide. Remember to check the first part here if you missed it, and to browse our site in the next days for more articles and guide.

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