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Hero League – How Can Duo Queue Help You Carry

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  • 15/10/2015

It’s common knowledge that playing as a duo is a great way to improve your win ratio: it makes communicating easier as you will always know that there is almost one person who will follow your calls, and let’s be honest, playing with a friend is surely more fun! For this reason our Heroes of the Storm boost team offers a Duo Q boost service, but we also provide these useful tips to maximize your chance at winning the game when Duo Queueing.
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Choose Your Roles Wisely

Best setup is a tank/support and an assassin! Priority is that one of you has a damage dealer
We all know that in HotS the key to victory is having great map control and rotations (“macro – Check our guide for it here”), but the easiest way is probably to win every fight, to increase the impact on the fights, you and your duoQ partner should always play two roles that synergize together: we recommend a tank or healer and an assassin (like Kael’Thas) or a bruiser (probably the newest addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster, Artanis, will be a great bruiser, be sure to check him out): always a supporting hero and a damage dealer. Doesn’t matter how the rest of your team performs, there will always be a damage champion performing well, and a tank to peel for it, or an healer keeping him alive: heroes like Johanna are great at protecting carries, as long as they are worth protecting! We have all played games, during our HotS experience, where there are great tanks and healers, but the damage dealers are just not doing their job: doesn’t matter how many heals they get, or how much protection they receive, a bad assassin is a bad assassin, and it’s harder (not impossible, but surely harder) to win a game as a support if your bruiser or assassin is not doing enough damage. So we recommend to play at least one damage champion and a tank or healer to have better chances at carrying the games. Our Heroes of the Storm boost team is looking forward to see the upcoming hero Artanis, and what kind of Artanis build will we use: probably he can be a great bruiser to pick in duoq, so make sure to check his abilities before release date: 20th October!

Have A Plan For The Early Game: The Laning Phase

Before the game starts, be sure to discuss your early game strategy with your duo queue partner, either in game or via voice communication, for example our Heroes of the Storm boost team recommends Skype, TS or Curse Voice. The most important thing to decide is: should we lane together or not? Let’s consider pros and cons: if you lane together, you will surely dominate the laning phase and will have a good chance to outplay your opponent, applying a great pressure on the enemy team, thanks to your superior communication (again, we strongly suggest voice chat!) or just because of your better cooperation. You may take a lead in exp and gold, but also going into separate lanes has its advantage! Mainly, you will take control of more lanes, making sure that two lanes are safe, and you will be able to save allies who overextend and to defend objectives. Here are a few general guidelines:

Map size

On maps where there is a short distance between lanes (Sky Temple, Dragon Shire, Spider Queen, Infernal Shrines, Garden) we strongly suggest to go to the same lane. The reason is that in this way you will be able to both pressure your lane and to make rotations to another lane or objective after pushing your wave: with good communication the enemy won’t be able to react your map presence.

Map Objective

In maps with a single objective (Sky Temple,Garden, Shrines, Curse), the best way to play is to split up in different lanes, so you can coordinate your team and ensure the victory with rotations.
Let’s make an example with Sky Temple, assuming that you are in the top lane and your partner is in the middle, right before the first temple set’s activation: you can influence your team decisions just communicating with your partner. If you decide to go for the middle temple with your partner, your team will be more likely to follow up as they will be greatly outnumbered in the top lane; on the other hand if you think that you are going to lose the fight for the middle temple, just spam retreat pings with your duo Q partner and your team (hopefully) will head for the top temple.

Team Composition

Be sure to check your team comp before the game starts! If you are playing a tank or healer, and your partner an assassin (as we suggested!), and you trust your partner to survive alone, it’s better to split. Your healing or peeling, let’s say “babysitting” in general will ensure that someone else will surely be able to perform consistently in the late game and don’t fall behind too much. However remember that sometimes it’s worth to get a lead for your duoq partner, as long as he is able to carry the game by himself, and vice versa if you are playing a damage dealer. Since 27th October, the official upcoming hero Artanis’ release date is getting closer, be sure to check his abilities and start thinking about the best Artanis> as he will be a great fit in many comps.
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Increasing Comeback Chances For Your Team!

Comeback can be either frustrating or very rewarding: the most frustrating defeats come after a twenty minutes domination, while the most satisfying victory is after a comeback from your team. So it’s in your interest to understand how to prevent comebacks from the enemy team and how to pull them off for your allies.
Every map has a few specific mechanics that allow comebacks, usually via boss fighting, but here our Heroes of the Storm boost team has a few generic guidelines: when pushing, always remember to protect the lanes with bosses, to deny chances of comeback for the enemies.
Let’s talk again about Sky Temple. In the third phase, if you are ahead or even be sure to fight for the bottom temple. You will have two benefits at the same time: you destroy the enemy structure and you defend your own building! It’s the safest strategy: not only you increase your chances of winning, but also reduce the chances of a comeback, because it’s gonna stop the boss from getting to your core: in the late game, even a few seconds can make the difference between a win or a loss.

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