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Greymane – Ultimate Guide (Build, Tips & Tricks)

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  • 12/01/2016

greymane guide
Greymane is a new hero coming to the Nexus on 12th January 2016 with mechanics similar to Nidalee from League of Legends, this unique design allows him to shapeshift from Human to Worgen form, and vice-versa. According to our Heroes of the Storm boost team, the key to Greyman is to effectively time shapeshifting between forms to maximise utility from both forms. He has a higher health pool than other assasins (around 1,8k) which makes his job of diving in a little easier. Check how he ranks in our Heroes of the Storm Tier List.


Very flexible and fun playstyle.
Able to burst down single target.
Has some AoE damage too.
Both ranged and melee auto attacks.


No sustain.
No crowd control.
Difficulty competing with KT/Raynor/Jaina for a team spot in this meta. This is what worries our HotS boosting team the most.
Mana hungry in early game.
greymane guide pic 1



greymane passive

Fairly simple passive, some of your abilities shapeshift you into a Worgen and viceversa. Your Worgen autos deal 40% more.
greymane gilnean cocktail

Excellent ability, basically throw it at a low priority target, like a tank, and let it splash over his carries behind, just aim well in a teamfight and it’s good.
greymane inner beast

Similar to Raynor’s W, but it also refreshes if you keep auto attacking, great ability if you can keep autoattacking, usable in both forms.
greymane darkflight

Ability that you use to charge someone, similar to Butcher’s E. It can also be used on minions and walls for escaping, when used in Worgen form, you roll away and disengage in Human form.
greymane razor swipe

Frontal cone swipe, nothing new, low damage low cooldown.
greymane inner beast

Same like human form.
greymane disengage

Classic disengage ability that you might later upgrade to give you stealth.
go for the throat greymane

This ability allows you to leap at a target hero, slash them 3 times for high single target damage, on level 20 if you upgrade it, you can use it again for free if you kill the target.
greymane marked for the kill


greymane build

Level 1 – Viciousness
This will allow you to keep your Inner Beast up for a lot longer, you can take Scented Tinture if you’re facing double stealth team. According to our Heroes of the Storm boost team, keeping Inner Beast up is the way to go with Greymane.
Level 4 – Draught Overflow
This talent will make your Cocktail strike more people, simple.
Level 7 – Incendiary Elixir
This talent allows you more single target damage by your Gilnean Cocktail, useful for 1v1 and it will make it explode even if it doesn’t hit anyone first which is useful for instance when revealing someone you suspect is stealthed.
Level 10: Go For The Throat
Your finisher.
Level 13: On The Prowl
Since we went for Inner Beast uptime, we’re going for this 30% movement speed increase after your Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds atleast.
Level 16: Concentrated Blast
Another talent that syncs with our Inner Beast long uptime, 80% more damage on Gilnean Cocktail when your Inner Beast is up.
Level 20: Hunter’s Blunderbuss
Your human auto attacks splash behind for more teamfight poke and damage.
greymane guide pic 2

Tips & Tricks

1. Always use your Marked For The Kill on squishy targets such as KT, Jaina, Tyrande. On rarer ocassions you can use it on a frontlining Diablo or Muradin when they are zoning all your carries and all the damage is focused on them.
2. You should shapeshift if possible as soon as you’ve used your current form’s abilities.
3. Keep your Inner Beast up by continually shooting at something, minions, walls, it doesn’t matter, our HotS boost team stresses that you keep the Inner Beast up!
4. Your primary form is Human form, Worgen form is used for bursting someone down.
5. When you upgrade your ultimate on level 20, try to use it on as many people as possible.
6. Don’t forget you do not posses any sustain or defensive abilities, you go in and disengage asap when things get nasty.
7. Your strongest combo is Marked For The Kill > Inner Beast > Gilnean Cocktail > Leap with R to a target > Razor Swipe in Worgen form.
8. Early game before level 7, your Cocktail will deal most damage behind your target, it’s not a good 1v1 ability before 7.
9. Don’t hesitate to disengage fast even if you haven’t finished your job, living Greymane is stronger than a dead Greymane.

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