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Gamescom 2016 Interview – Everyone Gets a Free Hero!

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  • 21/08/2016

gamescom 2016 hots

Hey lads! Our Heroes of the Storm Boosting team is passing you some news from the Gamescom interview with Kaéo Milker, Production Director, and Travis McGeathy, Senior Game Designer about new features that will be added to the game. Lets dig in.

Features That Will Be Added At Some Point In The Future

– Map Editor – Developers claim they want to add it soon but it’s a complicated procedure so not right now.
– Hero Swaps In Ranked – The system like League of Legends has, where you swap heroes with someone in the team.
– Play Of The Game like seen in Overwatch – They also want this ASAP but again, complicated procedure, so later in future.
– Automated Tournament System like seen in Warcraft III.
– More rewards, likely more experience gain from Team League.
– Competitive Drafting within the client.
– Gifting System like seen in League of Legends.

Features Coming In The Next Patch On September 13th

– New Hero Alarak and more features from the Machines of War event.
– MVP cards like seen in Overwatch
– Mount speed reduced from 140% to 130%
A free hero for everyone. Everyone will be offered to pick between Tyrande, Thrall or Anub’arak (Pokemon?). In case you have all of these heroes a second choice of three heroes will open up, we do not know which yet and you can choose from the second choice group, if you happen to have all those too, you will be rewarded an unknown amount of Gold. Free stuff, yay.

gamescom 2016 new map

Season 1 Coming To And End on September 13th

Our HotS boost squad would like to remind you that the Season 1 end is near and you should push your last ratings right now. Check our HotS Tier List to see which heroes to pick for max win rate. And if things go south, or you simply do not have time, you can hire our professional Heroes of the Storm boosters to assist you. If you’d maybe like a fresh start and a Diamond 5 or higher placement, find our unranked accounts + placement games packages in our HotS account shop.

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