General FAQ

What is Boosting Factory's HotS Boost service?

Heroes of the Storm boosting is a service that allows you to reach any higher rank you desire. Our team of professional boosters will provide will handle your boost in a timely manner. You can also book a Duo Queue service where you get the chance to play with Top 500 semi-pro and pro players from all around the world.

Why should I choose Boosting Factory to handle my boost?

Our team consists of only high quality players and support staff. We’ve dedicated the past 2 years of our life to provide the highest quality service on the market. We have not failed a single order among hundreds so far and we strive to keep that record for many more years to come. Feel free to have a chat with our lovely Live Chat team to find out more.

Is Boosting Factory safe?

We are 100% safe & secure, Boosting Factory’s been around since January 2015, we’ve completed hundreds of orders. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our excellent customer reviews under each of the product modules. In addition, our primary payment processor is PayPal, the most secure payment service available.

How can I contact Boosting Factory?

You can contact us through our Contact Us page. We’re also online on our Live Chat app that you can find at the bottom right of each page. If you’re more of a Skype person, feel free to add us and chat:

Who are your boosters?

Our boosters are semi-pro and pro players from all over the world. Each one is Grandmaster and we even have a Season 5 #1 Grandmaster working for us.

Where do I register for Boosting Factory?

Your account for Boosting Factory is created automatically with the purchase!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, major credit cards, Skrill (PSC, Neteller, Alipay, Klarna and more) and Bitcoin.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your order at any point and we will refund you for the uncompleted part or the whole amount if the order has not been started. Make sure to contact our support team before opening any disputes with the payment processor as that can result in a break of our Terms of Use and additional charges.

What if I get banned?

If you got banned for MMR boosting/ELO boosting, Boosting Factory does not cover the costs of your account, but will gladly help you with Blizzard’s support in order to attemp an unban. Even though the risk is non-existent for now, we cannot guarantee 100% safety. Any other possible bans will be covered by Boosting Factory.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is priced on an hourly base. Each coach has their own coaching methods, varying from VOD reviewing, watching your streaming and playing with you.

Boost Customizing

How can I purchase a Duo Storm League boost (No account sharing)

Visit our Storm League boosting page, customize your boost and press the “Duo Queue” box found on the very top of the boost customizer module.

Can I play on my account during the boost?

Yes, simply arrange the playing times with your booster. However, you are not allowed to play ranked during the boost unless your boost is based on NET wins.

Can I play other Blizzard games while the boost is on-going

Yes, just make sure you do not log into HotS during the boost unless the booster has specified he isn’t currently playing.

What is a Priority boost feature?

Priority boosting puts your boost ahead of non-priority boosts in the queue, it guarantees a faster assign to a booster and boost completion.

What is an Appear offline feature?

When this feature is activated, our boosters will use Battle.net’s appear offline mode so your friends cannot see an account is being played on.

What is a Pay Half feature?

This feature can be activated when the desired tier for the boost is Grandmaster, and the price is significantly higher than other boosting modes, we allow you to pay half of the price now, and the other half when we reach halfway to Grandmaster.

Can you stream my boost?

Yes, press the STREAM box found below the two flags in the product page.

What is a NET win?

A NET win is what we call a pure win. For example, an order consisting of 10 NET wins means the booster will end the order with 10 wins in plus. Meaning if he lost, let’s say 2 games, he will have to win 12 in total in order to have 10 pure wins. (12-2 = 10)

Can I choose specific heroes for the booster to play with?

Yes, simply press the SPECIFIC HEROES box found below the flags in the product page.

Why should I purchase a HotS Placement Matches boost?

Apart from being an industry leader in Heroes of the Storm boosting, all our boosters are top tier players that play HotS as their real job. We’re a professional and discrete service, maintaining our reputation is our highest priority. Our support team is here to answer all the questions you might have.

How many wins do you guarantee if I buy 3 placement games?


If you’re last season Unranked (NEW ACCOUNT!), Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. We guarantee at least 2 wins.

If you’re Diamond, Master or Grandmaster, we guarantee at least 1 win.


If you’re last season Unranked (NEW ACCOUNT!), Bronze or Silver we guarantee at least 2 wins.

If you’re last season Gold or Platinum, we guarantee at least 1 win.

If you’re last season Diamond, Master or Grandmaster, due to the volatility of the games, we cannot pose any guarantees.

For each extra loss, we will boost you 2 NET wins completely free.

How many wins do you guarantee if I buy less than 3 placement games?


2 games purchased (any division) – 1 win guarantee

1 games purchased (any division) – 0 wins guarantee


2 games purchased (last season Unranked (NEW ACCOUNT!), Bronze, Silver or Gold) we guarantee at least 1 win.

1 game purchased (last season Unranked (NEW ACCOUNT!), Bronze, Silver or Gold) no guarantees.

1 or 2 games purchased (last season Platinum, Diamond, Master or Grandmaster) – no guarantees.

For each extra loss, we will boost you 2 NET wins completely free.

Boost Delivery

After I purchase, when will my boost start?

Most boosts are started within 15 minutes – 4 hours from purchase, in case of a larger work load that day, it can take up to 12 hours.

How long will the boost take?

It depends on the size of your order, 10 games will take 8-16 hours. Ask Live Chat support for a better approximation.

I made a purchase, what now?

Feel free to log in to our Dashboard using just your e-mail and track your order from there, you can chat with an admin and your designated booster there.

Can you send me or upload replays after the boost?

Yes we can deliver your replays or upload them to HotSLogs for free.

Can I keep my authenticator on?

Yes, you can. Note that it will slow down the service as you’re required to be present during every log in.

How can I track the progress on my order?

You can track your progress by logging into our Dashboard and having a chat with your booster.

My booster isn't doing as well as I hoped him to, can I get a different one?

Absolutely, contact us through Live Chat and explain what’s the problem, we will change your booster and find out what was the reason of low performance so it does not happen again.

Am I allowed to contact the booster outside of the game and members area?

No. If any booster offers to contact you outside the game and our members area, let our team know through Skype/Live Chat and we will provide you a free thank you boost in return. Please do not offer your contact details to our boosters.

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