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When The Elements Rise | Top 6 Tips For Synergy With Thrall

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  • 24/08/2016

thrall synergy guide

How’s it going, lads? Today we will be explaining you how to maximise the efficiency of having a Thrall in your team.

Thrall has being doing really well in the meta for quite a long time(no wonder there are a lot of Thrall mains, if you check stats for Heroes of the Storm accounts on HotSlogs) and he often appears on the top of the HotS Tier List, and it looks like that won’t be changing anytime soon. Being the fierce brute assassin he is, chances are high you get one on your team. And while he does thrive well for himself, you can make him even more deadly with the right choices.

Thrall Can Self Heal

Thrall is one of the best self-sustain hero in HotS. He’s able to heal for large amounts of health anytime while his abilities are hitting enemies, so keep in mind that. If he spams his abilities right away he probably doesn’t have a heal coming when he needs it. But if he’s playing strategically then he might restore his health in time.

If you’re playing as a healer, you don’t always need to heal him because of this. He can even do some fancy plays without you having to save his life with your heals. Just keep an eye on his cooldowns and hope that your Thrall knows what he’s doing.

Even when you’re playing other roles, it’s nice to keep your Thrall’s health in mind. As a Tank you don’t always have to protect him. Assassins may perform better with a Thrall in tight fights knowing he can heal up the damage taken.

Take The Opportunity To Land Skillshots When He Roots

Thrall’s Feral Spirit roots enemies in place, which make it easy to land abilities or flee. Playing with this advantage makes it easy to get free kills for your team. One second of not being able to move during a teamfight can really screw you up, but it’s better to get that on the bad guys, right?

So, afraid to miss that difficult skillshot you’ve been avoiding? Don’t worry, just stick with Thrall and wait for him to root someone. This effect will most of the time end up securing kills if you and your Thrall combo up your abilities together.

Rely On His Poke

High elo players such as our Heroes of the Storm boosting experts make good use of Thrall’s poke. Chain Lightning’s long range and solid damage get even better with the right early-game talents. So Thrall can secure kills that otherwise would be impossible to, thanks to Chain Lightning. So if an enemy is low and retreating, don’t dive him or enter enemy territory! Just let Thrall get him in his place with a little lightning zap from a safe distance.

This ability is also good at weakening the enemy team before a teamfight or engage, or at denying their objectives by interrupting the channelings. Be sure to remind your Thrall of that his pokes can be used as a effective(and underrated) way to disrupt the enemy team.

thrall synergy guide 2

Wait for his Heroic

Sundering is considered to be one of the best heroics of the game, and one of the reasons he remains at the Heroes of the Storm Tier List for so long, but if Thrall’s teammates don’t sync with it, it’s potencial can be wasted. You will miss important skillshots it you cast them at the same time Sundering pushes the enemies out of the way.

So it’s obvious that you have to use skillshots before of after Thrall uses Sundering. But since you can’t obviously guess when he’ll use it, suggest for him to start the teamfights with it. Then you and the rest of your team follow up with damaging abilities in rapid succession, and the opposing team will barely stand a chance against you. A good late-game teamfight can make you win many games, and your HotS boost will be more quick.

Take Note Of His Talent Choices

Thrall’s damage and survivability can go different ways depending on the talents he chooses. You need to check his talent route and adjust your own playstyle to flow with it.

For example, a Thrall with Block and Grace of Air will be tankier and overall harder to kill. If he instead picks Follow Through and Giant Killer he’ll be able to do some crazy burst damage in small engages. On the other hand, taking Wind Shear will provide itself useful in longer engages, and he’s able to cast Windfury multiple times.

So it pretty much affects how you should approach fights. Choose wisely between healing, diving, playing for objectives, and much other small decisions you will need to take during a game.

thrall synergy guide 3

Help Him Engage And Support Him

Thrall often comes up on the top of HotS Tier List because of his talent (pun intended) at ripping an opponent’s health bar when he gets close enough. While actually getting close to the opponent can be difficult, he may need your support at doing so. If he doesn’t have Sundering of Feral Spirit available, the only “engage” he can provide is to walk up to them and hope they stay in range… which they probably won’t, and attack him from a distance before he gets too close.

So try to help him get close while absorving damage for him(if you’re playing as a Tank) and disrupting with crowd control, or, if you’re playing as a Healer, make sure to buff him and keep him alive while so. This will make his engages more likely to be successful.

Because a team that does nothing to help their Thrall is usually less effective than a team who is willing to help him before and during fights.

Now you should be ready to deal with having a Thrall in the next games on your HotS account. So be sure to help your Heroes of the Storm boosting partner if he is playing with Thrall, since it will increase the chances of winning games and having your boost faster. If you’re unsure if to play or not Thrall, then feel free to check for a Heroes of the Storm Tier List in our website for proof of how good of a pick he is.

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