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Dryad Power: Tips To Master Lunara

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  • 25/04/2016

master lunara guide

Hey everyone! In this simple guide, our HotS boosting team will go over the entertaining Lunara character. Lunara is an amazing hero who is extremely effective in teams that are able to make fights last long periods of time. She can easily poke the enemy and slowly take their health down, piece by piece. Her toxic abilities keep make her useful in teamfights. Great mobility lets her escape the enemy and stay safe from harm. She rates very high in our Heroes of the Storm tier list. However, Lunara is not invincible, as playing her the wrong way will cause all the previously mentioned greatness to vanish. Here are some important tips by our HotS boosting team on how to play Lunara to her highest potential. You can also always visit our HotS Account Shop and purchase a smurf account to test your Lunara there.

Stay Cautious at ALL Times

Lunara is best when she is not too close to the enemy team. Her attacks are dangerous when consistent, and can’t really down an enemy immediately. Lunara needs time, and staying cautious can grant her this luxury. Staying behind the rest of your team will keep you safe in teamfights. Keep an eye on your range, and whenever an enemy enters, be sure to hit them as much as possible. Your opponents will be unable to reach you with this strategy, and will takes loads of damage from your attacks. This will also help your team get the final kills. Lunara has trouble escaping in close-combat, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. Also, she is very squishy, and cannot handle a direct fight very well. Kiting is the key to winning teamfights or really any fights. This is the main reason why Lunara does so well on our Heroes of the Storm tier list. Be sure to stay engaged with Lunara at all times. As soon as an enemy enters your range, slam them with some damage.

Land Your Damage on Multiple Enemies

While in a duo queue session, I observed that Lunara is most effective while damaging multiple enemies at once. She has the ability to do this thanks to her heroic, which is called Thornwood Vines. When more than one enemy takes this damage, Lunara really gets a huge edge. Try to use this ultimate skill when enemies are in tight areas. Use your Crippling Spores skill to raise your stacks too. The other team won’t know who to heal because everyone will need it. My duo queue partner was having a blast using this strategy throughout our entire game. Our HotS tier list marks Lunara very high once again because of this potential strategy. The poison factor makes healing even more necessary for the opponent. Most heals only can work on a single hero, and spread damage makes them practically useless. She is also a great option against Uther or Tyrande.

lunara tips master

Use Your Wisp

Wisp is often known to be a weak ability by the community. However, our Heroes of the Storm boost team really believes this is false. Wisp can definitely keep Lunara safe during a scenario with split pushing. Also, wisp can help you with vision throughout your game. Make sure to use the wisp right before you need vision because it will take a while to get to your desired location. Our Heroes of the Storm boost group likes to use the Skybound Wisp since it grant great vision. Map knowledge is very important, and Wisps can help you with it.

Poison is Amazing

While in a HotS duo boost session, I noticed is poison is the best thing that ever happened to Lunara. Everyone on a team with her should acknowledge her poison ability. As a teammate, be sure to let Lunara get as many stacks as possible and do not interfere with her stacking. Make sure to keep an eye on her at all times, and communication is useful too. Early game, Noxious Blossom is useful since it can be used on the mage minion and the archer minions simultaneously. This helps Lunara get through waves efficiently. Our HotS duo boost became very helpful in learning about this specific strategy.

Late Game is Key!

Lunara’s damage scaling is very unique, as her bleed damage goes up at five percent per level instead of how other heroes have four percent per level. This makes her more powerful than everyone else as the game proceeds. This is something to take note of, so you can better manage your play throughout the match. Remember, Lunara will feel stronger as she levels, so you should save your risks for mid to late game.

lunara tips master

Overall, Lunara is an amazing hero who has so much potential. Be sure to check out our HotS tier list and our Heroes of the Storm smurf account shop for more information on Lunara. Follow these tips, and Lunara will be your best friend on the battlefield.

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