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Developer Talk – Tyrande & Tassadar becoming REAL supports?

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  • 24/09/2015

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Heroes of the Storm Developer Talk

Boosting Factory’s Heroes of the Storm Boost team brings you latest news from Blizzard’s developers.

Heroes of the Storm Developer Talk

– Apparently they are testing reworks on Tyrande and Tassadar with new abilities and they believe they will re-release them as two solid supports! Great news!

Kael’Thas is doing fine on win rate statistics so there likely won’t be many changes.

– With Leoric being one of the highest win-rate heroes with a too strong wave clear, they’re thinking of nerfing him, including Johanna, not much probably. Still, use them while you can.

Zeratul is another hero with 100% pick/ban rate, meaning he’s either picked or banned in most games, they are looking for ways to nerf him, especially on Void Prison and Wormhole, abuse him for now! Our Heroes of the Storm Boost team surely will.

– Community has requested bans in ranked mode but Blizzard doesn’t like the idea yet, they will probably implement it in a few months when there’s more heroes in the game.

– One of their senior designers is focused entirely on fixing the matchmaker, woohoo, that’s gonna make our lives so much better, probably than any other change.

– They might reveal new heroes at Blizzcon, not confirmed yet.

– There probably won’t be many double HP bars heroes like Tychus and his Odin.

Custom Observer UI

Blizzard teamed up with a player named Ahli (not Ahri! :) and they might release this for tournaments and later on for spectator mode.

Heroes of the Storm Observer UI

Heroes of the Storm WTF Moments #16

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