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Carry As Rehgar – 9 Tips That Will Improve Your Game

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  • 21/11/2015

rehgar guide
Today our Heroes of the Storm boost team presents you a short guide about how to master Rehgar. Recently our favourite wolf has been less and less popular: his win rate decreased and he isn’t picked really often.
However we believe that he is still a strong hero that deserves a fair place in the HotS tier list: the main problem is that many Rehgar players can’t understand his true strengths and can’t maximize his potential. Thanks to our nine tips, mastering Rehgar will be easy for you. Be ready to bring havoc to the enemies, or simply to swag on the battleground dancing in wolf form! If you want personal one on one advices to improve your own Rehgar playstyle, consider purchasing our HotS Duo Queue boost service.

Don’t forget to use Ghost Wolf’s Attack to maximize the DPS

Rehgar deals double damage with his first auto in Ghost Wolf form. Many players don’t use this boost enough and aren’t able to deal an high damage per second because they neglect this skill
You don’t need to use this ability only in a duel or in small skirmishes, but also to secure neutral objectives, capping mercs faster or just pushing your lane!
Our Heroes of the Storm boost team recommends you to pick the Feral Lunge talent at lv13 to maximize the dps from Ghost Wolf, making Reghar an even better duelist, if you feel confident that is, if your team needs healing then it’s fine not to.

Use Chain Heal to help your allies out of range

One of the reasons why Rehgar is so strong and positioned well on our HotS tier list is that he can heal allies out of range through his Chain Heal. As we all know this healing spell has a decent range, but it increases further thanks to the chaining mechanic.
If there is a friendly hero between you and your out of range friend in need, you can heal the closer ally and the Chain Heal will extend to your secondary target. Communication is key to maximize the potential of this spell, so if you are playing with a friend through the HotS Duo Queue feature, you can pull off creative plays.
However if you are a hardcore player without a Duo Queue partner, you can do the same with a minion. The enemies will be even more surprised!
Use Feral Lunge not only as an engage, but also for disengage
Our HotS boost team really values the Feral lunge talent: it increases your damage but also offers a great gap closer to secure kills. However it can also be used as a disengage tool: you can target not only heroes but also structures and minions! So if you are caught in a bad position, consider jumping to a minion to retreat or to a neutral camp. Even a small distance is enough to save yourself from a gank.

Take advantage of your totem to get extra vision

Earthbind Totem provides vision for eight seconds in a small area. You can use it not to facecheck a bush, to avoid gank or just to secure vision around an objective. Be creative with your totem and use it to be more safe in lane or get extra vision during the mid late game.
As for Feral Lunge, beware of the trade off: casting the totem is quite mana consuming, and sometimes it’s better to save it for the slow as it has a long cooldown.

Remember that your Lightning shield can reveal invisible enemies

Lightning shield has a very “underrated” utility: it can reveal stealthed targets. Most of the time casting it on yourself will be enough, however many times you will need to use your prediction skills to catch your target.
Our HotS Boost Team’s favourite combo consist of casting your Totem when you think the enemy is hiding and quickly casting your Lightning Shield on that spot, taking advantage of the slow. You will need quick reactions and a good judgement, but it’s incredibly effective to avoid ambushes.
rehgar gameplay

Cast Lightning Shield from the best position

One of the reason we value so much Rehgar is that he can deal an insane amount of AoE damage using correctly his Lightning Shield.
However it’s not easy to maximise the damage of this spell: many times I’ve seen players casting the shield on themselves to hit only a few minions, instead of positioning themselves in the middle of the wave to hit all of them. This mistake will only make you push slowly, but the same error in a team fight can be fatal.

Don’t panic and don’t cast Storm Shield too soon

Storm Shield is incredibly useful when used correctly, however we don’t really see that happen often. The average Rehgar player will use it at the start of a fight, while we recommend to use it when your Chain Heal is in cool down to maximise the healing and taking advantage of the short cd of Chain Heal
Try to predict how much damage will be done before using Ancestral Healing
Ancestral Healing is probably the best heal in the game, but isn’t really easy to use efficiently because of its cast delay. The best way to use this spell is to predict the damage before it is actually dealt, so you won’t be late to the party casting your healing on a dead hero. Consider the enemy’s ability before casting Ancestral Healing and you will be able to negate a lot of damage.

Always consider Ghost Wolf Cooldown

I know it, this seems counter intuitive, since I started the article saying that you need to use Ghost Wolf as often as possible to maximize the dps. To be honest, this is not always true: despite its low cooldown, sometimes is better to save the spell for an incoming skirmish or to finish a fleeing enemy instead of using it mindlessly.

This ends our tips to master Rehgar. If you liked our guide, check our site in the next days for more articles by our HotS Boost team, news about the next HotS heroes announced at Blizzcon and our Heroes of the Storm tier list.

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