Grandmaster Top 30


$25 / hour

Solo Coaching ($25)
Team Coaching ($)

About me

Hello! My name is Stepan, more famous in Heroes as Kunichan. I’ve been playing this game for 2 years now and have a lot of pro scene experience. I’m usually in Top 30 for EU region in terms of Hero League rankings. I am former member/founder of team ASH (ArthasStroitHram), Virtus.Pro and GIZ.

– My HotsLogs Profile
– My Pro Career Overview

I have over 7,000 games played (including scrims) and since I played literally every role in my competitive career, I can teach you every role you want on a level necessary for you. To be said, I’ve played a lot of games versus top teams such as Misfits/Fnatic/Dignitas/TBD/MVP Black.

I was a main/sub caller in teams and therefore can offer team coaching on high level aswell.

What we will work on?

I am really charmed by the vast variety of game mechanics introduced by HotS, as well as its dynamical intense gameplay and I want to share my knowledge of those with you, so you will improve as a player significantly.

Of course it depends on your motivation, so you might be capable of achieving the highest ranks in Grandmaster league by yourself!

– How to position
– How to draft (what are the best picks and bans for every map)
– How to play your role
– How to build your hero
– How to lane as a hero of your choice
– Hero matchups (how can i win even in bad matchup for me? And what are the best matchups)
– How to play on every map

How are we doing it?

Voice com is necessary but yet, optional. Teamspeak, Skype, Discord are all fine. Replay analysis is another professional coaching method. Let’s check out your replays then to find your common mistakes and misjudgements.

Maybe you just have a lot of questions to be asked, I’m here to answer all of them the best I possibly can. If you like another coaching method, feel free to propose it and we’ll see what we can do.


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