$15 / hour

Solo Coaching ($15)
Team Coaching ($30)

Hello my name is Fluffy, and currently I am a Rank 1 master HotS player, and have been playing since Alpha. I also consider myself to have a very high understanding of MOBA games from playing games like LoL on a high level for a very long period of time. You can find my HotSLogs profile here.

I can give you a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to improve yourself, and I can also give you insight of mistakes that are hindering you from becoming a better player. A lot of small things that you possibly weren’t able to see at a first glance could be essential to your victory.
I have been a shotcaller in most team games I have played and that is currently a case in my HotS team aswell. Stuff like rotations, when to do objectives and even the moments when you should make risky calls.
My preffered way of coaching is the replay analysis, with the great interface Blizzard has provided us we can watch the replay together, pause and speed up if needed. We can pick apart the whole game and analyse it in-depth.

For solo coaching I will help you improve with the following things:
– Finding out your weaknesses as a player and help you improve on them.
– Insights on certain match ups and game mechanics.
– Some advance tactics that might help you cheese out victories.
– Basic shot calling and decision making.

For team coaching I will help you improve with the following things:
– Team compositions and tactics for certain maps.
– Map awareness and control.
– Win conditions on each map.
– If set up in advance I can spectate your scrims live.
– Proper drafting.

And many more things that we will work on during our lessons.

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