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7 Tips From Pro Boosters To Help You Master Anub’arak

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  • 18/10/2016

anub'arak hots guide

Hey guys, our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad is back again with another guide on a fairly recent fan-favorite, Anub’arak.

Playing Anub’arak in a cohesive method with your team can boost your Heroes of the Storm accounts ranking to epic proportions, ofcourse, you can’t go in blindly. You’ll need a guide and, oh look, there’s one right in front of you! But don’t go thinking about buying a HotS account before you get good enough for the big leagues!

Anub’Arak’s crowd control utility, damage output, and game-changing hero abilities, he’s one of the game’s strongest heroes in play, not to mention him being a fairly high, Tier 2 on our HotS tier list (this may change ofcourse)! Don’t waste all that potential!

Pay Attention to the Angling

Anub’arak’s two most important abilities are undoubtedly Impale and Burrow Charge, and both of them require a very conscious effort of angle placement. You’ll need to constantly consider your own position in relation to your opponents in order to set up favorable angles for each ability. Think about where opponents are at, where they’d like to go, and the best way to cross paths with them.

You need to keep opponents’ paths relative to your abilities’ angles. If they are traveling in the direction of your spines or burrow, there will be a more likely chance that the abilities’ area-of-effects will intersect with the target along their route of travel. Alternatively, If you’re trying to hit shots at horizontal angles, then there will be one point of intersection that’s more challenging to predict.

Learn to Chain your Stuns

Anub’arak has two powerful stuns as basic abilities, an incredibly rare opportunity to assist your team in a quick cooldown/effectiveness ratio. When you’re able to use them both successfully on the same target, you can ruin an enemy’s day in a quick minute. The trick is to Burrow Charge into an enemy, and then immediately follow-up with Impale so that you’re able to maximize your stun potential.

The hard part is the awkward timing and positioning that occurs between the two abilities. Depending on the point of impact with Burrow Charge and where you come from the ground in relation to your opponent, you’ll have to adjust your Impale angle quickly and accurately. It’s tough because you’re close to the target, so sharp movements can cause Impale to miss. Practice timing, position, and angling of this combo to ensure that you can land it reliably. Many players with active, long-term Heroes of the Storm accounts have yet to fully master Anub’arak, so don’t get frustrated if you can’t land moves.

This gets more complex if you choose the level 20 ability Rewind. At that point, you’ll basically have four stuns at your disposal, and the mechanics of that interaction are quite difficult to maneuver in a consistent manner. If you are someone who chooses Rewind, you’ll need extra practice and instincts to pull it off! Or maybe even the assistance of a HotS boost session with a partner.

anub'arak impale

Burrow Charge is Usually a Bad Team Fight Initiator

Way too many Anub’arak players use Burrow Charge to dive right into the enemy team, only to get absolutely annihilated as soon as they pop out of the ground. Do not use Burrow Charge to launch an attack on a group of enemies, it rarely works except in select situations. You’re basically helping the bad guys focus onto a single target and allowing them to start the fight. (Keep in mind that the HotS tier list is subjective. Anub’arak still requires the precise timing that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Sometimes that means hanging back to let the fight progress for a bit, then using Burrow Charge with the precise timing mentioned above to dive onto susceptible back-line targets. After people have used cooldowns, you’ll be able to more safely roam around inside their ranks. You can use it to cancel powerful heroic abilities or distract valuable targets in moments that truly count. It’s a fantastic escape tool too!

The level 20 ability Hardened Shield does add a caveat to this tip, as sometimes it does allow you to initiate with Burrow Charge. Diving in and casting Hardened Shield can make opponents waste valuable damage and moves that could break beyond your defenses.

Take Advantage of “Free” Beetles

Remember that Anub’arak spawns beetles every single time he uses an ability. You should always consider ways to push out these “free” beetles. For instance, if have enough mana and don’t expect action anytime soon, cast some of your abilities to spawn some beetles that will scuttle off and deal some damage for your team. When you’re about to Hearthstone, spam all abilities to spawn a few beetles. This is one of the ways that Anub’arak really fulfills his placement on the Heroes of the Storm tier list!

Having a constant flow of beetles out onto map can add up to notable damage against a fortification as well as a minion wave. They can also build your experience count and lead to more power in the match. Those kinds of small advantages can make a huge difference throughout the game.

Use Beetles as Bodies

Another advantage to Anub’arak’s beetles is that act as a form of body blocking. Unlike Nazeebo’s spiders, that means you can use them against forts and towers as a body-blocker alongside your minions. They also take skill shots from opponents by just standing in the way. Players who are conscious of their beetles’ positions can even trick an opponent into wasting a skill shot on a beetle by moving behind it in time. Be aware of where they are scuttling and place accordingly!

anub'arak burrow

Hold Stuns for Strategic Moments

Way too many Heroes of the Storm players just spam their abilities as soon as the cooldowns run down. The mark of a super talented player is someone who saves their most influential abilities for the right moment, making an impactful play that changes the tides of a fight. Because Anub’arak’s basic abilities are so good, this skill is especially important with him.

Just because you can hit someone with both your stuns, it doesn’t mean you should. Ask yourself some questions when deciding if a stun is worth it. Do you have allies around to help you? Have they used their escape yet? Do they have a healer in the vicinity? Is there a heroic ability you can cancel with your movement? Will there be a squishier target and more viable target nearby soon? As you start to think about these answers and other ways to get value from your stuns, you’ll develop a sense for when pulling the trigger makes the most influential impact.

Always Body Blocking

Anub’arak is one of the best body blocking heroes in the game. If you’re not using his huge berth to disrupt the movement of your enemies, you need to start ASAP! Not only does his massive collision radius make him the perfect man for the job, but his dual stuns mean you have even more time to get yourself positioned and stay ahead of the game.

One reliable trick is to pop out of Burrow Charge on the opposite side of opponents to get good positioning, then effortlessly dance through their path until they’re about to pass you. At that point, you can cast casting Impale to stall them out while you reposition for continued blocks. If you master this method, you can secure ganks required to become effective on the battlefield!

Anub’arak’s base ability kit may be the game’s most impactful, and when he’s strong enough, he can affect the tides of the match. Take these tips, utilize them throughout your play, but keep in mind that this character is not for everyone, don’t play the game based off Heroes of the Storm tier lists that are out there. Try the character and the tips above before you choose

Thanks for reading guys, have fun working on your Anub’arak game and make sure to follow the tips above. See ya’ soon, Heroes of the Storm boosting squad, out!

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