Hey everyone! Today I'll talk about Renown in Diablo 4. I'll be explaining what is it, how does it work, what are the rewards and so on.

I'm a professional Diablo 4 booster here at Boosting Factory and I often do renown leveling for my clients. Today I've decided to share some info on Renown and how I grind Renown for maximum efficiency.

Without further ado, lets dig in!

What is Renown, anyway?

Renown is a regional point system in Diablo 4 that gives players rewards for exploring and doing different things. It is connected to each area in Sanctuary, and there are five levels of rewards.

Some awards are for the whole account, while others are only for a single character. This guide will tell you what Renown is, how to get it, and what it can do for you.

Here are some ways that players can earn Renown:

  • Discovering new places (5 points each)

  • Finding Altars of Lilith (10 points each). The benefits of each Altar are different from the benefits of Renown and apply to your whole account.

  • Activating Waypoints (each worth 20 points)

  • Completing side quests (30 points each)

  • Doing dungeons (each worth 40 points)

  • Doing Strongholds (three per zone, each worth 100 points)

When a player opens the map and chooses a zone, they can check their Renown progress and rewards. A bar shows how many points have been earned so far and how many more are needed to move on. You can also see the rewards for each level, which are split into rewards for your character and rewards for your account.

When you open the Map and press W (Triangle for PlayStation or Y for Xbox), the area progress screen will appear. The Renown Progress window shows the player's Renown and rewards in a more thorough way.

renown zone progress

Renown Rewards

There are rewards for each character and rewards for the whole account. XP, gold, skill points, potion charges, and Obol capacity are all benefits that are unique to each character. Account-wide awards are things like Paragon points and murmuring Obols that all of your characters can use.

Here is a table with all of the prizes for each level of Renown:

Character and Account Rewards

Character and Account Rewards

Character Rewards
Account Rewards
1 200 XP and 3,000 gold 1 skill point
2 500 XP and 10,000 gold 1 potion charge
3 800 XP and 25,000 gold 1 skill point
4 1,110 XP and 60,000 gold 80 max Obols
5 1,500 XP and 150,000 gold 4 Paragon points

renown rewards
If you finish all five stages in all five zones (Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes, Scosglen, Kehjistan, and Hawezar), you will get the following rewards:

  • 10 skill points

  • 20 paragon points

  • 400 Obols capacity

  • 5 potion charges

  • 1,240,000 gold

You can use these rewards to make your character stronger and get ready for endgame tasks and content.

Top Tips To Get Renown Fast

1. Go for Altars of Lilith

Go around the map and find all the Altars of Lilith in each zone. Ignore enemies and, if you have one, use your mount to move faster. On top of the Renown, you will also get lasting stat boosts for all of your characters. There are 28 Altars on the Fractured Peak as a whole.

2. Grind Dungeons Fast

If you want to get Renown quickly, try to rush through and clear new Dungeons as fast as you can. If you can, make a Party and split up to get the job done even faster.

Also, when you finish a Dungeon, you get a Legendary Aspect for your Codex of Power.

3. Do Side Quests

Renown is easy to get from side quests. Try to do every Side Quest you come across as you move through the game. This will help you get Renown and other useful stuff quickly.

4. Skip World Events and Cellars

Cellars and World Events don't give you Renown, so you can skip them when you're looking for Renown points.

5. Do Strongholds

The 3 Strongholds per zone should be done as soon as possible. They give you the most Renown points and let you access world bosses and other endgame content.

Get Help From The Pros

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Wrapping it up

Renown is a system in Diablo 4 that gives players rewards for visiting Sanctuary and doing different things in each zone. You can get renown by exploring new areas, finding Altars of Lilith, turning on waypoints, finishing side quests, completing dungeons, and completing strongholds.

To get the most Renown, you should do the things that give you the most points and unlock levels 1–4 as soon as possible. For people to get to stages 4 and 5, they must first get to world tier 3. At Stage 5, players get four Paragon points per zone, which are useful for moving forward in the end game progression.

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