All over the map of Diablo 4, there are a lot of collectibles, monsters, elites, treasures, and other things to find. The map of Sanctuary is divided into five main areas: the Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, the Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar.

There are 160 Altars of Lilith to find in these five places. All players need these Altars, because each one can give lasting benefits like more life, a +2 bonus to core stats, or even paragon points. For players to get all 160, they will need maps that show where everything is in each part of Sanctuary.

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I'm now going to show you where the Altars are and what's the fastest way to get all Altars of Lilith.

All Locations of the Altars of Lilith in the Fractured Peaks

When players start Diablo 4, they will be in the Fractured Peaks for the first time. In the Fractured Peaks, there are 28 different Altars of Lilith. They can give a +8 boost to Max HP, a +5 boost to the total number of obols a character can hold, or a +2 boost to any of the four core stats. In the Fractured Peaks, none of the Altars give honour points.

diablo 4 altars of lilith locations in fractured peaks

All Locations of the Altars of Lilith in the Scosglen

Scosglen will come next. This is the second big part of the map that players will get to see, and it has 34 more of these Altars. These Altars only add +2 to one of Diablo 4's four main stats or increase the number of muttering obols a player can carry. There are no Altars that add more HP or Paragon Points.

diablo 4 altars of lilith locations in scosglen><br>

<h2>All Locations of the Altars of Lilith in the Dry Steppes</h2>
The next big place players can go to in Diablo 4 is the Dry Steppes, which is the next important part of the game. There are 33 more Lilith Altars in the Dry Steppes. Here, players can get paragon points and murmuring obols from these Altars for the first time, as well as a boost to their main stats. <br><br>

<img src=

All Locations of the Altars of Lilith in the Kehjistan

In the last parts of the story, players will have to move between Kehjistan and Hawezar. Some parts of these places will be locked until the whole story is finished. These Altar locations have been split between these two parts of the map to make things easier, but keep in mind that some of the 31 Altar locations won't be available in both until the story is finished or skipped.

diablo 4 altars of lilith locations in kehjistan

All Locations of the Altars of Lilith in the Hawezar

Hawezar is the fifth and last part of the map. It has 34 more Altars of Lilith. Players will be able to find them all over the map, and they will give all kinds of perks. Again, players will need to have finished the game to get them all.

diablo 4 altars of lilith locations in hawezar

Fastest Way To Collect All Altars Of Lilith

Someone who plays Diablo 4 made a plan that shows how to get all the Altars of Lilith in one run.

The map is easy to understand. A green circle in the town of Nostra in the Fractured Peaks shows where the path starts, and a red circle in the Dry Steppes area of the Kotama Grasslands shows where it ends. The blue line shows where players will always move forward on the road, while the pink lines show where players will have to go backwards. Each Altar of Lilith is marked by a red icon, which players can tick off as they go using a picture editor.

Altar of Lilith peregrination (Get all the altars in a single run)
by u/gogodr in diablo4

This is a great tool for Diablo 4 players who want to get every Altar of Lilith at once. And that makes a lot of sense, since the world of Diablo 4 opens up as soon as the game starts. Some Altars of Lilith are in Stronghold areas or PvP zones that aren't marked on the map, but Diablo 4 players should be able to handle them anyway.

By no means is the map perfect. Waypoints aren't marked on the map, and they don't seem to be used to speed things up as much as they could be. This could be because the map was made for Diablo 4, where Waypoints aren't unlocked by default. Also, if a Diablo 4 player has already unlocked a number of Altars of Lilith, skipping those isn't a great way to speed up the route.

Last but not least, it should be said that this way in Diablo 4 will take a surprisingly long time to complete. It will take hours, so Diablo 4 players should either clear their plans or break the path into smaller parts. Still, most Diablo 4 players who want to get to the endgame will get the Altars of Lilith in the end anyway. Getting it done quickly and well in one go is appealing.

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