Hello guys! Our Overwatch boosting team continues their series of hero previews today talking about Widowmaker.

As you all know, since Blizzard decided not to release any Overwatch beta keys, it’s hard for many of you to have detailed information about the heroes and the general Overwatch gameplay. That’s why we are providing these articles about our favorite heroes while we wait for the official Overwatch release date. Be sure to check our incoming Overwatch tier list to see how your favorite heroes are placed during the Overwatch Beta!

Name: Amélie Lacroix AKA: Widowmaker
Age: 33
Location: Annecy, France
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliation: Talon
Role: Defence
Health: 200
Catch Phrase: "One shot, one kill."
Backstory: The perfect assassin, Widowmaker has kept her past as much a mystery as her current location. The common conclusion about who she was before she became Widowmaker is Amélie Lacroix, wife to Gérard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent tasked with developing the operations to take down Talon, a terrorist organization.

After several unsuccessful attempts on Gérard's life, Talon focused on Amélie, his wife. Talon kidnapped her and subjected her to intense neural reprogramming. Once they broke her will they numbed her personality, shaped her mind until she was the perfect sleeper agent. Two weeks after she was found by Overwatch, she killed her husband in his sleep and returned to Talon to complete her training, becoming their most effective assassin to date.


Widow's Kiss: the Widowmaker’s main weapon is a sniper rifle; however, her weapon is able to change stance to fight in medium-short range. Unlike the typical sniper, she can fight in melee range thanks to this ability, since her rifle can switch to an automatic mode.

Grappling Hook:12 seconds CD. Widowmaker fires a hook at a target location. As soon as the hook connects with an objective or an enemy, she is pulled to the location. This ability can make our sniper pretty mobile and allows her to make both offensive and defensive plays.

Widow Mine: Widowmaker casts a venomous trap to the ground. If an enemy walks too close to the mine, it will explode, releasing a poisonous cloud that deals area of effect damage.

Infra-Sight: This is Widowmaker’s signature ability. Upon activation, this ability grants her and her whole team vision through walls and objects, making her great at chasing enemies and hunting down heroes that are trying to hide.


  • High burst damage
  • Decent mobility
  • Good utility for her team thanks to Infra Sight
  • Long range


  • Squishy
  • Not really useful in team fights
  • Low firing rate, as every sniper
  • Her damage is only single target.


The perfect hero to support Widowmaker is Symmetra. She can use her sentries to protect our sniper as she picks off targets from long-range, keeping her safe from potential flanks. Since Symmetra can place six sentries, she can offer perfect cover to Widowmaker.

In general, every tank has good synergy with Widowmaker, as her damage is so high that she just needs protection from the enemies while she snipes from safety.


Winston is probably Widowmaker’s worst nightmare. His shield will totally neutralize her ability to snipe enemies from long distance, and he can just destroy her if she reveals herself. The automatic mode of the sniper rifle can’t really defend Widowmaker from our favorite monkey.

She is pretty easy to burst down in melee range, and that’s the reason why she doesn’t really dominate the Overwatch tier lists, for now.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use your hook to reach safe spots for sniping your targets
  • Don’t group with your teams: Widowmaker is a poor team fighter and should focus on picking enemies out of position
  • Following on the previous tip, don’t camp one spot, but move after a few shots.
  • She has great mobility, take advantage of that
  • Your priority targets are squishies, mainly carries and supports.

How To Counter Widowmaker

Tanks and heroes with shields, in general, can neutralize her power. For the specific hero, Winston and Reinhardt can make her feel useless Despite her Widow’s kiss, she is still vulnerable in melee range, so heroes with gap closers are great versus her.

Closing Words

This ends our review! Our OW boost team reminds you again, for your safety, that the only way to get into the Overwatch beta is to get an official Overwatch beta invite from Blizzard: don’t buy any “keys” or you will get scammed!

Check our site in the next few days for more guides, previews of the Overwatch gameplay, news on the Overwatch release date and more information from BlizzCon as well!

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