There is a lot of intrigue around the latest LoL champion to join the ranks, Naafiri. Some say she isn't powerful enough; others say she is the most powerful jungler available now, displacing other champions like Jarvan IV and Nocturne.

However, what is the truth?

Since I'm a professional LoL booster here at Boosting Factory, I need to know every champ inside out. I will cover every aspect of this new champion Naafiri in the post below to help you know her better.

Who is Naafiri?

Naafiri is a Darkin. If you know the backstory of Runeterra (Universe of LoL), Darkins are ancient creatures bound to their weapons and scattered across the universe.

The weapon to which Naafiri was bound was the dagger. A robber released Naafiri but was eventually eaten by her and a pack of hounds. In the process, the hounds and Naafiri shattered the dagger in their jaws which uplifted their consciousness to act as a pack controlled by Naafiri.

Naafiri aims to restore the glory of Darkins and, in the process, become the apex predator in the Shurima desert.

Naafiri's Release Date

The release date for Naafiri is set for LoL patch 13.14, which should come out on July 11, 2023 based on how often patches have been coming out.

What abilities does Naafiri have?

Now that you know who Naafiri is, it is time to look at her powers.

Passive - We are more

Naafiri creates a hound after a specified time. The hounds attack the enemy and cause physical damage. The amount of physical damage caused will go up as Naafiri levels up.

Naafiri usually creates a packmate every 30 seconds at the start of the game. However, this cooldown time can go down depending on the champion's ability or the type of attack. If you kill an enemy, the cooldown time for packmate creation reduces by 0.5 seconds.

Similarly, when attacking a champion or a large monster, the cooldown time is reduced by 4 seconds.

league of legends naafiri 2

Q - Darkin Dagger

Naafiri can hurl Darkin Daggers at the enemy. The daggers cause the enemy to bleed for 4 seconds and, during this time, cause physical damage every 0.5 seconds. She can throw such daggers every 4 seconds without cost and 0.5 seconds by spending Mana. If a dagger is used on an already bleeding enemy, it will cause extra physical damage.

W - Hound's Pursuit In this move, Naafiri dashes at the enemy, followed by the packmates. The dash ends in a collision which causes physical damage to the targeted champion. Also, the attack slows the champion by 99% for up to 0.25 seconds, offering you a tactical advantage to initiate your next move.

E - Eviscerate

Eviscerate causes Naafiri to dash towards a target location while moving through enemies. Whichever enemy Naafiri passes through suffers physical damage. On reaching the location, Naafiri emits a blade fury damaging any nearby enemies.

R - Call of the Pack

Call of the Pack offers high speed to Naafiri and the pack. The peak movement is at the start and the speed decays in 4 seconds. Call of the pack is the ultimate move of Naafiri, which lasts for 15 seconds.

Call of the Pack isn't just about attacking. During the move, Naafiri gains extended visibility for 2 seconds. The extended sight reveals champions that are in a 4-second radius. Besides extended sight, Naafiri also gains bonus attack damage, a packmate maximum health boost of 25%, and a reduction in packmate cooldown time by 50%.

That's not all!

When Naafiri hits a champion (using Call of the Pack), she gains a shield as well. The duration of the shield is 3 seconds. On takedown of the first champion, the Call of the Pack ability is renewed.

Naafiri Tips

Use the tips below, and you have a tactical advantage.

1. Wait for packmates to spawn

Naafiri has a limit on the number of packmates that can spawn. However, Before attacking an enemy, wait for maximum packmates to spawn. Of Course, the limit on packmates increases as Naafiri levels up.

When attacking an enemy, it is best to wait for the packmates to spawn. Since they can cause more damage, waiting those couple of minutes certainly seems to be worth it.

2. Try to take on isolated enemies

Naafiri is an assassin. Your best bet to kill an enemy is to attack an isolated one. It is a good idea to forage around for such an enemy to kill it and then dash away. In case you can't find such an enemy, it is best to wait for maximum hounds to appear and the minions. Only once you are with your complete team, go for the kill.

league of legends naafiri

3. Use the dash

One of the most potent attributes of Naafiri is its dash. Fast dash speed coupled with precise location to point Naafiri to makes it easy to move her. Besides that, any enemy present at the target location will suffer from physical damage. Dash isn't exclusive to Naafiri, but does help.

4. Empower the packmates

Did you know Naafiri's packmates can get a shield?

Attack an enemy champion, and the packmates can get a shield for a limited time. The shield can be a game-changer when attacking the enemy.

5. Do not shy away from exploring

Naafiri is best for the mid-lane. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore, especially after you level up and along with the packmates. Her dash can pull you out of a tricky situation, and therefore, do use the dash for warding (check our warding guide for more).

6. Take over the jungle

Many LoL players label Naafiri as the best jungler.

But why so?

There are a few reasons for it:

  • She closes gaps with other champions pretty soon with her dashes. Her multiple dashes help her do so.

  • With the right attacks, she can inflict significant damage on the enemy.

  • Her cooldown time frames are generally considered lower.

If she has so many advantages, why not explore the jungle?

Therefore, if you want to play Naafiri right, do not shy away from the jungle.

Now you know how to exploit the abilities of Naafiri, it's time to understand how to counter Naafiri.

How to counter Naafiri?

Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to counter Naafiri or at least reduce the probability of being killed by her.

1. Avoid exploring alone

As highlighted above, Naafiri is an assassin. Your best bet when choosing Naafiri is to attack lone enemies. On the flip side, to counter Naafiri, never roam around alone. Especially in the mid-lane (Naafiri’s forte), ensure you always move around with the allies.

2. Ward around the entrance to avoid ganks

Warding is the remedy to avoid ganks by Naafiri. Warding consistently around her jungle entrance makes it easy to spot her from a distance. To counter Naafiri, it is best to place deep wards that give you a glimpse into the jungle. However, instead of placing them on the path, placing them around intersections provides heightened map awareness and helps you detect naafiri in time.

3. The offense is the best defense

Counter ganks are a good way to put Naafiri on the back foot. After she has dashed and disappeared, you can aim to counter-gank her. If, for some reason, the counter gank isn't possible, try to steal from her camps by going through the opposite side of the jungle. That will limit the CS and XP she can gain.

4. Avoid her altogether

Naafiri is best suited for mid-lane. With some warding, you can confirm she is in the mid-lane. After that, it's best to opt for Bot or Top. Proactively choose the other two lanes, and you won't come across her soon.

league of legends naafiri teaser

5. Spend on health & armor

Anything that can help you stay alive longer is an effective way to counter her since she is an assassin. Spending on health & armor is the best bet in such a case.

6. Be proactive

Naafiri's dashes provide her a significant advantage in closing the gap on any champion. Therefore, it makes sense for any champion who is low to opt for the recall. It will help you deny her the kill. Not only that, after appearing at the base, you can start exploring once again with full HP.


Who made Naafiri?

Game design manager Stephen Auker is the person who has made Naafiri. He aimed to design a powerful Assassin champion with a small learning curve. From the reactions of the players, it looks like he has succeeded.

Where is Naafiri from?

Naafiri belongs to the Shurima region. She is an assassin best known for tracking down and attacking lone enemies.

What weapon does Naafiri use?

A dagger is a weapon that Naafiri uses. According to the backstory, the Darkin spirit in the dagger makes the entire pack act as one. That is what makes Naafiri so powerful.

Wrapping it around

So, if you were intrigued about the latest LoL champion, we have covered her in great detail. Using this guide, now you can choose this champion and use the right tactics to gain the upper hand over other players.

However, now with our LoL boosting service, you can increase your rank today without risk. We can play on your behalf, or you can play with us. That ensures whether you want to utilize the full abilities of Naafiri or any other champion, you can do so with little to no delay.

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