Riot Games is making big changes to League of Legends' Ranked mode. With these changes, players will have a different experience when they start working their way to the top in Solo Queue in League of Legends Season 13 Ranked Split 2.

This is not the first time this season that the devs have made changes to Ranked. This year, the promotion series was changed, the player's rank was taken out of matching, and the Ranked season was split into two parts.

Riot Games is happy with these changes, but during the Ranked Mid-Season in July 2023, there will be even more changes. The most important change to Ranked is that a new tier called Emerald has been added.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Emerald rank and how ranked mode will work in the next few months.

What's the new Emerald rank in League of Legends?

Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, the Executive Producer of League of Legends, and Andrei "Meddler" van Roon, the Head of League Studio, talked about the changes to Ranked in the most recent Dev Update.

In a follow-up blog post, Even "Revenancer" Humphreys, who is in charge of game design at Riot Games, went into detail about why the Ranked changes were made and what Riot Games thinks about the mode.

League of Legends seems to have a lot of players at the bottom of the ladder. Bronze and Silver players are below average or average, while Gold and Platinum players are above average and very good. Riot Games said, "Our ranks tend to be low, with more than 60% of players usually in Silver and Bronze. Many Silver players in League are actually better than average, while Gold players are much better than average.

The game's creators said that Riot's scoring system puts a lot of players one step lower than most games with similar systems. This is what will change in Split 2, and the makers say that the distributions will move toward a more even percentage split, with gold at the center.

Riot Games, however, is very strict about not changing the top ranks in League of Legends so that they keep the status and exclusivity they've always had. So, to stop the Diamond rank from getting too crowded, Riot Games is adding a new rank called Emerald.

The Emerald rank will be in between Diamond and Platinum, and about the same number of people will have it as Platinum does now.

Riot Games will do a partial reset in order to bring in the new rank of Emerald. "This works like the resets you're used to, but your first reset will be smaller than usual. This means you'll start at a higher rank than you would have in previous resets," the company said.

For Split 2 Ranked, the following changes are being made to help with this:

- The number of placement games will be cut from 10 to 5.

- Promos are being removed: When the next split comes around, players will be able to simply promote if they have enough LP accumulated.

LoL Season 13 Ranked Split 2 Start

Riot says that Ranked Split 1 will end at 23:55 CST on July 17. At that time, every player's score will get a soft reset, and Ranked Split 2 will start. The soft restart will help players keep their rank from the last split and help them move up the rankings faster.

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