LoL's Season 13 is almost here and League of Legends will change a lot in Season 13 ranked. We researched and summarized what you need to know about ranked changes in LoL Season 13.

Players are used to League of Legends only having one ranked split, but in recent seasons, the idea of multiple ranked splits has been introduced, this system is already functioning for a while in Apex Legends ranked. Now, in Season 2023, there will be two ranked resets. Split 1 will start in January, as it always has. Sometime in the middle of the year, Split 2 and the second rank reset will happen. Riot Games says that there are a few reasons why the Season 13 rankings are changing, but the main reason is how players act.

Riot Auberaun, a Product Lead at Riot Games, explained why the company made two rank resets part of Season 13 and how they work. The main reason is that many players reach their goal rank partway through the year and don't see any reason to keep playing ranked games after they've reached their goal.

Riot Games wants to keep players motivated to reach a ranked goal by letting them keep that goal even after the ranked reset in the middle of the year. Riot Games will change how ranked reward skins work, though, because this might make some players who get Gold early less likely to claim a Victorious skin.

The ranked rewards are also getting a big change. Players below Gold will now be able to get Victorious skins at the end of the season by simply playing a lot of games which Riot thinks is good since they're trying. Up until now, these skins were only available to players who had reached Gold rank or higher. Now, Silver, Bronze, and Iron players who play hundreds and hundreds of games will also be able to claim the skin. It will simply take a lot of games.

Gold is still yours if you reach it at any time during the season, but now players who love League of Legends but can't make it to Gold can still enjoy the beautiful Victorious skins at the end of the year.

Secure your LoL seasonal rewards, today.

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