If you're new to League of Legends or have just started a new account, you might be wondering how to quickly reach level 30. This is a common goal because level 30 unlocks ranked play, allowing you to compete with other players and climb the ranks.

Reaching level 30 usually takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on how often and how well you play. But don't worry; we're here to help you speed up the process so you can get into ranked games faster!.

In this guide, we'll go over the fastest ways to reach level 30 in League of Legends, including the pros and cons of each method to help you choose the best one. Let's get started!

1. Winning games is the king

Winning games is the quickest way to earn more XP in League of Legends. You get significantly more XP for a win than for a loss, so it's important to play competitively. Here are some tips to help you increase your win rate:

league of legends victory
  • Focus on Objectives: Securing key objectives like the dragon in Summoner's Rift can turn the tide of the game in your favor.

  • Team Up with Skilled Players: Playing with a reliable team reduces the unpredictability of random teammates, increasing your chances of winning.

  • If you're having trouble winning consistently, you might benefit from a professional coach who can provide personalized advice and strategies to improve your gameplay.

  • For players below level 30, a great way to quickly earn XP is by playing against beginner-level bots. This method is very effective until you hit level 30, after which the XP gains from bot games are reduced by 25%. Until then, it's an excellent way to reach the level needed to unlock ranked mode.

    2. Drag on the games if possible

    An effective but lesser-known strategy is that longer matches usually give you more XP. However, purposely extending every game can increase the risk of losing, which would cancel out the extra XP.

    It's best to consider lengthening the match when you're clearly winning against less skilled opponents and a victory is almost certain. If you're in a strong position and the game hasn't reached 30 minutes yet, stretching out the gameplay can help you maximize your XP. Use this tactic carefully, balancing the potential for more XP with the risk of the other team making a comeback.

    3. Always utilize the First Win of The Day

    In League of Legends, there's a daily quest called 'First Win of the Day' that rewards you with extra XP for your first victory each day. This is a great way to consistently boost your XP.

    Even if you don't have a lot of time to play, aiming for at least one win a day can really speed up your leveling. Completing this quest gives you an extra 400 XP, so it's definitely worth focusing on. For those who can't play for hours every day, this strategy ensures steady and efficient XP gains, helping you progress faster.e the First Win Of The Day bonus.

    4. Get XP Boosts

    You can buy XP boosts in the Riot Store. There are two main types of boosts:

    Duration boosts

    Double the base XP earned from a game. For example, if you earned 150 XP, a day boost would add an additional 150 XP boost to your account for a total of 300 XP.

    To get the most out of a Daily XP boost, use it wisely. Don't buy one if you can only play 3-4 games in a day. Instead, wait for a day when you can play a lot, like on the weekend. To maximize the boost, aim to play at least 12 games in one day. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money on RP.

    lol xp boost icon

    Win boosts

    Add a flat amount of around 216 XP per game. The time played in a game does not affect this boost's reward.

    Some things to consider when utilizing XP boosts in LoL:

    Per win boosts only apply when you win a game and last until you've won a set number of games. Duration boosts, on the other hand, are active for a certain period, like 1 day.

    Other bonuses, like the 'First Win of the Day' bonus, match-made game bonus, or a bonus from another boost, are not affected by these.

    If you use both a duration boost and a per win boost at the same time, you'll get both bonuses as long as they are active. Any XP boost you buy is automatically extended if there's planned server downtime.

    5. Buy LoL account leveling

    If you really can't find the time to level up your LoL smurf, we can do it for you. Our League of Legends professionals will level up your LoL account to 30 fast and safe. We do not use any kind of bots, scripts or cheats. There will be a person leveling up your account at all times.

    Our pro boosters are ranked Diamond 1 or higher, meaning you will also get some great matches and stats.

    Which Mode To Play To Level Up a LoL Acc Fast

    Co-op VS AI

    Co-op vs. AI games offer a relaxed environment to learn the basics, try out different champions, and practice your skills.

    By consistently winning AI games, you can steadily accumulate XP. While it's not the fastest way to level up, it's a beginner-friendly method. Choose Intermediate AI games to get more experience points and aim for quick wins to make the most of your time.

    In Co-op mode you gain about 0.0825 XP per second if you happened to win the match, and 0.0675 if you lost the match on average. This translates to about 150 XP for a win and 120 XP for a loss.


    Normal PvP games offer a more engaging experience and can help you level up faster than AI games. Facing human opponents makes the games more dynamic and unpredictable, providing a better learning environment.

    While it can be more challenging for new players, it's a great way to improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

    In Normals, you will gain about 0.11 XP per second for a win and 0.09 XP per second for a loss. This translates to about 200 XP per win and 160 XP per loss.


    ARAM and URF modes in League of Legends have shorter matches than traditional Summoner's Rift games. Despite the shorter duration, these modes are quite rewarding for XP. On average, winning in ARAM or URF can give you around 175 XP.

    summoner experience points

    How Much XP Is Required For Level 30 In League of Legends?

    To reach level 30 in LoL, you need exactly 37248 XP at the time of writing this, make sure to check on the LoL wiki in case it changes. To put in numbers that's about 186 wins in normals or 250 wins in Co-op VS AI mode.

    How Long Does It Take To Level Up to 30 in League of Legends?

    Without XP Boosts

    If you play a conservative 6 hours a day and win half of your matches. You will need around 210 matches. Multiplying this by 30 minutes on average + 5 minutes for queue times and breaks, we come to a number of around 5-6 days for one level 30 LoL account. Give or take a day or two depending on how long you play per day and how many games you win.

    With XP Boosts

    With XP boosts you can cut this down to 2-3 days.

    Wrapping it up

    In League of Legends, going from level 0 to 30 is a journey that you can tailor to your own preferences and schedule. You can use different strategies like XP boosts, focusing on winning daily matches, or playing against beginner bots. Or, you can choose to buy LoL to quickly access higher levels.

    Each method has its own advantages, and it mostly depends on how much time you want to spend. In the end, reaching level 30 is different for everyone, with each player finding their own way to enjoy and progress in the exciting world of League of Legends.

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